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1 nighters chat


You stayed up till 5 just now? I pulled all nighters back "1 nighters chat" I was like 4 sometimes. It's not unhealthy unless you start doing it on a frequent basis.

I have pulled off many all nighters in the last 4 years of my academic life. I'd suggest only one cup of coffee though; too much coffee won't do good. The best way to stay awake is to eat apples and drink lots of water.

It's healthier and more effective than coffee.

Yeah, it's unhealthy, but I actually do it quite alot somtimes during the holidays just playing gtaiv on the ps3. Just make sure you eat all your meals and get a good rest after that. But yeah, I look like took some meth if I do this continuously.

Only during holidays though. Make sure you hang out with your friends alot too when it's the holidays. Funny seeing this topic, 'cause I just began to experience insomnia. I've been awake for almost two days now.

It's actually pretty nice once you get used to it: Well, it actually screwed my whole biological time temporarily as my night became day and day became night during school 1 nighters chat. So I had to rehabilitate by forcing myself to stay awake during the day and sleep early at night.

Had to do it for a few days until my body could readjust to the normal time. Luckily only during the holidays. I still stay up until 5 during the weekends sometimes though. But that's not counted as an all "1 nighters chat" to me though.

So, even you study huh, Girish? Night-outs are not unhealthy at all. But, being it for the first time in your life, just be careful of it's after-effects because it may hamper your appetite. I just stopped doing this recently as 1 nighters chat exams are over.

I used to have a burning sensation in my food pipe which made me very uncomfortable.

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The main trouble is, huge amount of headache which didn't allow me to do any work properly. Yeah, becareful of the side effects of staying up all night. When I do it excessively last time, I lost my appetite for food so I actually skipped some meals and ate less. And I got gastric because of that.

It really isn't healthy and should be avoided actually. I work night shifts usually so my body clock is kind of warped. Im used to waking up at 4pm and going to sleep at 6am. I used to be able to pull all nighters all the time like when I was 1 nighters chat, early 17 but now I just find it too hard. Still if you pull too many of them when you don't really need to then its going to eventually catch up with you.

And in the long run its not good. It's almost 5 AM right now, and the only reason I happened to stay up all night was I was watching Braveheart and I forgot how long it is. Though, this isn't very uncommon for me to stay up this late or, this early as I happen to enjoy sleep more if I've stayed up through two days rather than one, but I inevitably appreciate the rest I get if I time it right.

Just last week I was 1 nighters chat waking up in the evening and passing out some time in the early afternoon the next day. I had to keep myself occupied for a long time to be able to sleep at a normal time. One thing I noticed was that it gets extremely boring, as well as lonely at about 4 AM, because nobody is awake anywhere. Even worse, I can hardly see 5 feet in front of me in my house since the lights have to be off so my parents can sleep. Concerning the longest I've ever stayed up, well that would be 50 or so hours last summer.

I was trying to see how long I could 1 nighters chat out, and ended up fainting when I went to get something from my bed.