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Are you bisexual yahoo answers


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I am so confused? I am a girl. Not a tom-boy at all.

Okay, from everything you've said,...

I love make-up, I have long brunette hair, wear pretty and fashionable clothes For my whole life, I have enjoyed looking at girls. When I first discovered porn, when I was only very young, I'd find I was drawn to the woman in the When I first discovered porn, when I was only very young, I'd find I was drawn to the woman in the porn, generally not the man.

Now, when I watch porn, it is always lesbian. Are you bisexual yahoo answers is definitely the only porn that.

I like watching the women do things together I like looking at them I appreciate how hot the girls in porn are Okay well I will tell you about what I've done sexually.

I have done everything with boys.

1. Sexuality is not always...

Even though I have been having sex with boys since I was 15, I have never finished from sex. The only thing I have finished from, and only twice, was from being eaten out. With girls, all I have done is kissed a girl, felt up a girl, been felt up by a girl.

I do fantasize about being with another girl. I don't really fantasize about being with boys, at all. Okay, well I love being with guys. I love holding their hands, kissing them, being looked after by them ect.

With girls, I find it hard to imagine walking around in public, kissing another girl, holding their hand ect. Not saying I wouldn't do it, but I just feel kind of strange about that. There are things I dream about doing with a girl. I would love to kiss and suck on another girl's nipples.

To be honest, like I said, there is really only one thing I enjoy doing Are you bisexual yahoo answers, which is being eaten out. You can do this with girls! And I would imagine they would be just as good, if not better than guys! I seriously think I am bi I mean I talk to girls at school about watching lesbian porn and they gag They definitely don't actually seek out photos of women naked ect I am scared to ask people I do not know any bisexual or lesbian girls I really want to try it.

Do you think I am bisexual??? I am attracted to guys, but I am also attracted to girls. The only thing I really like about guys, is if they are really tall and hard. I used to be wild, and did things with guys all the time.

Are you bisexual yahoo answers turned to porn, and lesbian porn. I am pretty fussy, and my perfect girl would be brunette, average height, smallish PERKY boobs, long hair, nice backside, flat stomach but lovely curves, and nice legs: Are you sure that you want to delete this answer? Okay, from everything you've said, It sounds like your bisexual because your physically and emotionally attracted to both genders. You mentioned that you wouldn't want to be seen holding hands with a girl in public because you find it strange?

A lot of girls who are discovering their sexuality feel this way at first. I think right now your scared of people looking at you diffrently or people talking behind your back about how it's wrong.

Or you probabk don't want your friends and family to find out just yet. Like I said it's natural to feel that way at first.

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If your out, why not try finding a girl you like. I'm not tellin you to experiment, "Are you bisexual yahoo answers" saying that maybe try finding a girl you can see yourself with and grow to love in the future. Because I think by doing this it will get rid of the strange feeling of being seen holding hands or kissing in public.

It will take some time but it might work. If you find yourself not interested in the girl your going out with, then tell her. Just say that it's not working out and you don't want to lead her on. Lol well this is my advice.

As for boys, i think you just haven't found that one guy Are you bisexual yahoo answers you really really like. Because although you have sex with that it never seems to fully satisfy you. See where things go Just find a best friend, who hopefully is bi too. Pay attention to her to see if she is bi or not, talk to her about girls and see how she reacts. Then ask her to come over and if you see that she's smiling a lot kiss her!

And that might be a little weird but she might also like it, and if u like it also like if you feel butterflies in your stomach while kissing her you're probably bi.

If you become one then keep the things you do with her only between you and her. Act like best friends who secretly do dirty stuff together XD and so later you could marry to a man. You'll know the difference of date between girl and boy.

Then you choose with which gender to go.

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And btw i think that every person is born bisexual. You sound like you may be bisexual. Are you attracted to the boys that you are with? As far as porn goes, I am straight and I prefer the women in porn well Are you bisexual yahoo answers of them they're just beautiful, most male porn stars are not attractive in my opinion. Also many women in heterosexual relationships have difficulty orgasming to intercourse. Oral is how most women get off, and for some reason I will never fathom, lie about it getting off to intercourse not all but many in my experience You talk a lot about being sexually attracted to other females and wanting to be with them, this is what leads me to believe you may be bisexual despite the things I wrote above.