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Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. O melhor desempenho registrado deu-se com a mistura B Given the prediction of the scarcity of oil, the ethyl ester biodiesel has presented as an excellent alternative fuel option for cycle diesel engine. The characteristics of biodiesel are similar of diesel in terms of viscosity and the calorific power, being able to be used without adaptations in the engines.

For the accomplishment of this work it was used a cycle diesel engine, of direct injection with four cylinders, without adaptations. The engine was connected to a dynamometer and acquisition systems of auxiliary data. The best registered performance was given with the B20 mixture. Desempenho comparativo de um motor de ciclo diesel utilizando diesel e misturas de biodiesel Comparative performance of a cycle diesel engine using diesel and biodiesel mixtures.

It is considered that, in a close future, the petroleum reservations economically viable will tend to the shortage. Besides it, the exacerbated current price levels of the petroleum barrel in the international market, the possibility of employment generation and income with the consequent.

Stationary engine test of diesel cycle using diesel oil and biodiesel B ; Ensaio de motores estacionarios do ciclo diesel utilizando oleo diesel e biodiesel B This work Tipos de movimiento parabolico yahoo dating to test an engine stationary of the cycle dieselhaving as combustible diesel fossil and bio diesel.

The characteristic curves of power, torque and emissions versus rotation of the engine was elaborated. The survey of these curves was carried through in the Laboratorio de Energia e Gas da Escola Politecnica da UFBA, which makes use of two stationary dynamometers and the one of chassis and necessary instrumentation for you analyze of the exhaustion gases.

The assays had been carried through in a hydraulically dynamometer mark Schenck, D model. The fuel consumption was measured in a scale marks Filizola model BP-6, and too much ground handling equipment such as: The engine operated with oil diesel and bio diesel of oils and residual fats OGR. In the tests, the use of the fuel derived from oil and the gotten ones from OGR was not detected significant differences how much.

"Tipos de movimiento parabolico yahoo dating" this phase already it can show to the immediate possibility of the substitution of the oil diesel for bio diesel as combustible in the stationary engines of low power author. The study of mineral diesel alternatives, such as biodiesel, a renewable fuel, is important for the environment and to diversify energy sources.

Specific fuel consumption, "Tipos de movimiento parabolico yahoo dating" value and the overall efficiency as a function of the system load was measured, using diesel oil and biodiesel blends. The engine that was used during the test has a power of 7.

The group was submitted to resistive loading, in the range: The results have shown. Los segmentos de pistones tuvieron un desgaste similar en ambos materiales. In the current scenario of constant power drops in Brazil and an imminent crisis in the electricity sector, the use of generators and biofuels such as biodiesel has been quite common in rural areas represents an option for diversification of the energy matrix.

This study evaluated the use of soybean biodiesel in different concentrations in a diesel engine cycle under different demands of engine loads.

Tests were conducted to quantify. Utilization of diesel fuel, anhydrous ethanol and additives Tipos de movimiento parabolico yahoo dating of a stationary diesel engine with rotatory pump; Utilizacao de mistura ternaria alcool, diesel e aditivo em motores do ciclo diesel com bomba de injecao rotativa.

The engine performance parameters and fuel consumption tests were performed at the Termic Machine Laboratory, located in Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, and evaluated using a MWM Series 10 model 4.

Two test cycles were used for this test program: The results indicate that: Improvement in the production of cylinder shirt of inner diesel combustion engines; Mejoras en la construccion de camisas de cilindro de motores de combustion interna ciclo diesel. This study deals with the different types of wear as well as other parameters present in the tribological system piston segment- cylinder in a combustion engine.

By means of engineering methods were defined the wear rates in the three components of the system. The biggest wear in the analysis "Tipos de movimiento parabolico yahoo dating" in the cylinder shirt.

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Specialized methods applied were used to analyze the prevailing metallographic characteristics in its original construction, obtaining a gray melted iron with perlitic matrix. A new material with bainitic matrix has been proposed for increasing wear resistance. To demonstrate the efficiency of this new product, the experimental techniques carried out, were based on a dynamometric testing in a internal combustion engine diesel cycle Scania of kW.

Compared with the perlitic one, it has been proved that the bainitic matrix allows a better result. Besides, a superior dimensional stability was obtained. The piston segments had a similar wear rate in both materials in reference to the original tribological pair of the project. Conversion of cycle Diesel engines to Otto aiming the methane utilization as alternative fuel; Conversao de motores do ciclo diesel para Otto visando a utilizacao do metano como combustivel alternativo. A diesel engine was converted in Otto engine for use methane as fuel, by modifications on compression ratio and on the induction system, and inclusion of a spark ignition system.

The performance of dynamometer essays results in both cycles are compared and presented in overlapped curves. No person may introduce used motor oil, or used motor oil blended with The idea of taking advantage of electric grid existent nodes facilities to place the generating electricity diesel motors is a non-unwise solution.

But in the case of the node of steam power station place these motors in an independent way, don't take advantage of the possibilities that the processes combination offers, as the combined cycle diesel vapor for example. The work presented herein explored and showed the possibility of installing the "Tipos de movimiento parabolico yahoo dating" diesel plants as a repowering the existing steam power plant by combined cycle diesel -steam taking advantage of the synergy achieved by thermal processes combination.

Uso de etanol carburado en motores Diesel. A two-cylinder, cm3 diesel engine with a compression ratio of In a first test, m e injection advance was varied between 18 and 26 o BTDC Before Top Dead Center to determine the optimum injection advance in the original engine and the engine fueled with the dual system. Exhaust gas from a diesel engine is having a big Tipos de movimiento parabolico yahoo dating of energy. In a stationer diesel engine, the enthalpy of water will be increased by flowing the water in a spiral pipe which is located in the exhaust manifold of the Tipos de movimiento parabolico yahoo dating. Abstract in Bahasa Indonesia: Gas buang dari motor diesel masih memiliki sejumlah energi panas yang cukup tinggi.

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