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A new dating site promises to link high-rolling globetrotters with pretty women who want to travel the world for free. Miss Travel pairs attractive women with generous jetsetters who hate to go on trips alone and are willing to foot the bill for a companion.

Critics say the site is no more than a front for prostitution — a charge the sites founder vehemently denies. Gawker calls it the 1 prosti-travel website, and while reactions on Twitter were mixed, user Kgigr asked, I really want to know how miss travel isnt selling yourself for an all-paid trip?

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But founder Brandon Wade says, "escorts are not allowed to use the website. There's no money exchanged. And there's no sex discussed on the website at all. So for people to sort of link it or compare it with prostitution is really quite a stretch.

West wonders about the girl who winds up 5, miles away from home On Miss Travels "How it Works" page, members are reminded that "online dating is risky" and urged to "practice a common sense approach when meeting a stranger online.

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Users seem comfortable enough with that sentiment — Miss Travel reached 20, users on Thursday. While virtually all of the travel-seekers are women and the travelers men, Wade says that both sexes are welcome to sign up for either category. As far as how many people have actually traveled with someone they met through Miss Travel, Wade says it's too soon to tell.

On Miss Travels homepage, a banner displays the sites motto: Who needs money, beautiful people travel free. The hourglass-shaped, brunette cartoon narrator boasts that the site has thousands of free travelers who hate to travel alone.

A new dating site promises...

My mom told me to focus on school Miss travel 1 travel dating travel companion site study and when youre older, dating will be easier for you. But I'm actually invited to a wedding in the Caribbean this summer because of a marriage that came about on seeking arrangement. On Miss Travel's website, users learn how they can take five-star vacations on someone else's dime.

A disclaimer on Miss Travels website reinforces Wade's claim that escorts aren't allowed. Wade runs two other dating websites, seekingarrangement.

But, at least according to the fine print, none of the websites are about sex. We have gotten some feedback from people who have planned trips, though, he says.

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