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Greek gay guys


Long nights in the amazing gay bars of Athens, sunbathing at Elia Beach in Mykonos - one of the most famous gay beaches in the world, romantic honeymoon in alternative islands, gastronomic experiences and adventurous walks in some of the most beautiful and breathtaking landscapes of the Mediterranean.

But Greece has something even more important to offer to Gay Travellers: This is mainly a result of the generally liberal and friendly character of Greek people, in combination with the Mediterranean mentality mixed with pure Eastern characteristics. But Mykonos has its own gay lifestyle, which is not similar to any other place in the world.

Mykonos is gay, but Greek gay guys also luxury. During the night, you can enjoy Mykonos Town or Chora, as Greeks call itwhere you Greek gay guys find several gay bars, clubs and restaurants.

For the more naughty ones, rumor has it that the area behind Paraportiani Church is a "Greek gay guys" cruising spot - just be careful of the rocks! Gazi area metro station: Kerameikos and Agias Eirinis Square metro station: Monastirakiare the top gay areas in Athens, where most of the highly popular gay hotspots are located.

It is a beautiful place which will give you a satisfying dose of the traditional Greek island character. Thessaloniki is a beautiful, romantic and cozy city, with a quite organized gay life.

Most of the gay hotspots are located in the city centre, however not in a specific spot. Over the last few years, one of the most beloved destinations for Greek gay guys travellers in Greece, is Crete, an island which many think of as conservative due to its traditional character.

Within the city of Heraklion, you can even find some gay friendly bars for relaxing drinks and socializing.

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Our suggestion for Crete is to spend days near each big city Chania, Rethimnon, Heraklion, Agios Nikolaossince each one of them has a distinctive character and something different to offer to you. Santorinione of the most beautiful and romantic islands in the Greek gay guys, is a must-visit destination for any traveller in the world that wants to have an updated travel journal.

Despite this, Santorini is one of Greek gay guys most visited destinations in Greece, not only by gay couples in honeymoon but also by single guys who want to enjoy the amazing landscape and culture of the island. However, Zakynthos remains one of the top favourite destinations for gay travellers in Greece, with Italians and English visitors covering the vast majority.

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While in Zakynthos, make sure to try the amazing gastronomy of the island. Particularly in the Cyclades complex, island hoping is a very easy and usual type of travelling.

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Gay couples in honeymoon or simply, Gay couples in lovetend to seek destinations that are characterized by their natural beauty, their tranquility and - of course - romantic aura. A tiny island which boasts for its amazing beaches,the breathtaking landscapes as well as its local culture.

What is truly amazing about this Greek gay guys place is that it always manages to surprise the gay couples with its fabulous gay friendly hotels with the impeccable service and excellent staff. These small, boutique hotels of Folegandros are real gems and the best choices for your relaxing and comfortable holidays. Over the past few years, a significant increase of gay couples who choose Milos for their honeymoon trip or their romantic summer holidays has been noticed, giving to more and more people the opportunity for enjoying the mind-blowing beauty Greek gay guys the island.

Skiathos is an all-green island with amazing beaches, very different from the characteristic landscape of Cyclades islands such as Mykonos, Santorini or Milos. And a last hint: None Greek gay guys these 3 islands has an organized gay life. But who cares, really?

Costa Navarino, is a new-born resort destination in Messenia, Peloponnese, standing out as one of the most luxurious destinations in the Mediterranean. The entire area has been developed with the highest respect to the natural environment, and the two fabulous hotels of the resort have been fully harmonized with the natural beauty of the area.


It is considered one of the top luxury destinations in Northern Greece and it is famous for the impeccable service and staying experience it offers. Sani Resort is located in Halkidiki, which means you are about to swim in some of the most dreamy beaches of Greece! The whole area has been developed as a luxury resort, featuring several excellent hotels.

New HotelAthens: A brand new property at Greek gay guys excellent, downtown location, with a fabulous design and a unique concept. Anatolia HotelThessaloniki: The hotel is close to all the gay hotspots of the city and offers an excellent value for money. Above Blue Suites in Imerovigli, Santorini: Canaves OiaSantorini: The amazing hotel suites with the breathtaking views, the superb main Greek gay guys and the top-level service highlight luxury living in Santorini.

Arion ResortAthens: The Spa Facilities of this lovely hotel are ranked among the best in Athens, Greek gay guys its dreamy location at the edge of the Athenian Riviera contributes in providing a complete wellness experience. Esperos VillageRhodes: Meet a hotel that is actually what its name suggests: Make sure to taste the delicious dishes of the hotel restaurant. Aether Boutique StayMykonos: Your delicious homemade breakfast, prepared every day based on your specific requests, is served on your private balcony at the time you choose.

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