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Ex not ready to settle down dating


You can bash me, hate me, call me a douche, selfish all you want. I just want to be honest with you so you can be honest with me. I am looking for someone maybe in the same boat as I, but found a way to correct it. It has been hell these past few weeks. I realized, after my trip from Miami that I am not ready to stay in a committed relationship with my girlfriend of 7 years.

I thought it would pass me by, and I thought it is normal for a guy to feel this way.

I'm simply not ready to...

We have been through this road before, only for me to return back. Being with her for so long, and loving and caring for each other, I felt like I was hurting her during our time apart. Every time I look at her I know she is hurt, when I go to bed at night I know she is tossing and turning. I hate doing this to her, I'm having a hard time letting her go because of this. We talked about kids, marriage, a big house. I feel really bad I do not feel the same as of late.

I am lost, I am confused, I am simply not ready. Has anyone been in this situation? Am I just going through a phase in life? Will I get over this immature selfish feeling of dating other women?

I know my girlfriend will be good for me. Great looking 9 out of 10, 26 year old women with excellent personality and here I am, not ready to settle down. How do I stop this feeling? Or do I not?

Has anyone broke it off and wished they did not and regret it? Ex not ready to settle down dating

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Am I making the right decision by breaking it off? Maybe I am too spoiled? I seem to have everything and only want more. Please, guidance from people with experience. Help a confused guy out. Bring on the hate, I am willing to listen and learn. Share Share this post on Digg Del.

It's your call and the longer the wait, the worse it'll be for your GF. You do realize that the grass isn't greener on the other side, right?

Here are the biggest signs...

Many people seem to think that the grass is greener and once they realize what they had, it's too late. I realizedafter my trip from Miami that I am not ready to stay in a committed relationship with my girlfriend of 7 years. Last edited by atlnay; 8th October at 6: Agree with Mad Max, Ex not ready to settle down dating of those questions only you can answer and resolve in yourself.

I can understand the feeling of ambivalence you may feel, where you don't want to hurt her yet want to date other women, kinda like get it out of your system.

Do you realise you may never find another woman so faithful to you? That is the one thing you should consider, "Ex not ready to settle down dating" next you'll be on this site bemoaning about not being able to find an LTR and so on.

However if you are fully Ex not ready to settle down dating in the fact that you may not find another LTR, at least not in the immediate short term, and you really feel to break from her, then as advised, you are really going to have to be honest with her, sooner or later.

What about consider taking a break? Rather than annulling the relationship entirely, maybe consider a break? I have to say I don't know how many people have broken up from a good relationship to regret it later on.

Well, to offer a female pov I think it's good that you have realized this before major commitment. I don't see why a woman would want to MAKE a guy be with them who is not all in. However, I am not the one who has been there for 7 years. It's going to be tough no matter how you approach it, but you need to back away if you are not happy.

Now, just for myself, I would seek counselor out that I respect to mediate this whole thing.

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I know, it may be corny, but I would want Ex not ready to settle down dating qualified 3rd party there to explain to the SO in words I couldn't so there is no miscommunication and no automatic assumptions that it's Ex not ready to settle down dating selfish whim.

If you have been contemplating this for a while then it's cannot be considered impulsive IMO. That may not be what you want for her to consider, but it's not really fair to expect that she will wait in the wings for you to make up your mind. I hope you find what you're looking for, but I hope that you don't miss something great waiting for a fantasy that does not exist.

If you are looking for a guy that was in your position to identify with, you have found him. The story is almost like reading my biography. I was the same age and every thing when I went through the exact same thing. I'll just be as brief as I can. First, most importantly, it has been several years since I broke it off with my ex and I have yet to find a relationship as fulfilling as the one I had with her. I spent years trying to find a relationship that was similar after I got over my "phase" and have yet to find it.

Just about two months ago, I finally gave up and came to terms with the fact that what I had with my ex was a once in a lifetime thing and that it would be very unlikely for me to have something that great again.

So, you don't let dates...

I decided to just date a lot and I am really happy now but I still think about her occasionally and wonder what my life would be like if I would have just married her and let her have my kids. She was just so freaking sexy, beautiful, smart, educated, supportive, witty, funny and just completely into me.

I could kick myself in the butt for a long time for breaking up with her. Someone had snatched her up rather quickly after we broke up. Not really quick but too quick for me but I was not surprised considering all the guys that were slobbering over her while we were together.

For years it was so tough to know she had gotten married and had some beautiful kids. You don't know how tough this was for me. I gave up the love of my life and had to sit by while she was married to some other guy and gave birth to his kids.

This summer I finally came to terms with every thing. I decided to stop searching for someone Ex not ready to settle down dating replace her and to just live and have fun. Honestly, I am in my later 30s and I am currently having the best dating years of my life but I still think it would have been great to grow old with my ex and watch our children grow up and have their own family. My advice, is to not leave your woman if she is as great as you say she is.

It sounds like you have no complaints with her directly so allow this to pass. I wish so much that I can just take over your body right now and make you do the right thing because I do not want you or anyone else to go through the pain I did from letting "the one" get away. The regret will burn your mind like hellfire.