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Dating courtship and marriage ppt


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Share buttons are a little bit lower. Published by Trevor Hawkins Modified over 3 years ago. Produced by Simon Siew. Courtship — eagerly looking at the product carefully to decide whether to buy it or not.

It may sound old fashioned,...

See but NO Touch! Engagement - putting a deposit for the product which is signaling your intention to buy. Marriage - buying the product, closing the deal no refund or return of product allowed!

Entering into a lifelong covenant of Dating courtship and marriage ppt each other Produced by Simon Siew. This is because a happy successful marriage does not come easy as it involves careful thinking and planning. Marriage does not just happen — it takes effort, time, energy and much prayer. Unless we make it known that we are interested in getting married and do something about it, chances are that you will remain single.

Looking ahead to marriage Produced by Simon Siew. It tends to idolize the person and sees only the attractive qualities while overlooking the flaws.

Health 8 UNIT 2: Family...

It is an emotional high which does not last long as feelings have taken over common sense. It hits suddenly and is an instant love without any deep thought. Often fickle - person may be in love with more than one person. It is a selfish kind of love which cannot survive separation and brings disapproval of family. Marks of infatuation Produced by Simon Siew.

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When the physical intimacies finally give way to sex, there is nothing more for them to experience no more thrill and that usually is Dating courtship and marriage ppt beginning of problems in their relationship. Has its roots in friendship. Brings out the best in you and the other person. Has commitment and is respectful of the other. Emphasis is on giving. Love wants what is best for the other person. Love is willing to wait. Has a positive behavior and is unselfish selfless Recognizes faults.

Often brings approval of family.

However you cannot make someone love you as love is always a choice and cannot be forced upon a person. You need to ask first whether you are the right person. Seek someone with the same faith and love for God. Check to see if your parents approve of the person. Seek the counsel of godly people for they often can offer insights that you do not have. Do you feel peace and joy in your heart from knowing that person? If there is more than one person to choose from, pray for wisdom to decide on the best match for you.

How do you know whether the person is the right person? What does a believer have in common with an unbeliever? This is where the issue of compatibility comes in. A man seeks to marry a woman and NOT a man and vice versa. The draw of a woman more often lies in her soft, gentle and kind nature and demeanor than for her looks even those that is important too.

The draw of a man lies in his ability to inspire confidence and to project strength and security as well as display wisdom. The warmth of his personality Dating courtship and marriage ppt too. Take the initiative to make new friends and have a wide circle of friends. Learn to do self-introduction or ask others to introduce you to friends Research - find out about Dating courtship and marriage ppt other person through your friends.

Look for Dating courtship and marriage ppt when it would be totally alright to be with that person. Be of service to the other. Person is stealing glances at you. Person likes to be in your company. Person is extra helpful to you - always volunteering to help you. Person starts sending letters or s, cards or gifts at every possible occasion or is Texting SMS you frequently. Person is asking your friend about you. Person is asking you things which are personal e.

Starts offering to pay for your food or other expenses. How do we know the other person like us? Definition of Dating A shared social relationship between two people who are attracted to one another. What did you do with friends? A friend… Often knows how you feel about certain things without being told. Is someone who shares many of your. Personal Narrative Write a personal narrative about your experience at La Caille.

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