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Tdr complaint


This Train is cancelled from 15 days before of my journey date, i wanted to catch the train at Tdr complaint, but train is cancelled so, i booked another ticket by counter at that time again i enquire them about trainthe also told train's route was change.

Still i Dont get refund amount. Reg, Trupti Kalyan. The starting station of the train is Agra fort only. The timing of the train was The train was late for more than 8hrs on that day and station master did not provide any information for when the train starts. So after waiting for 10 hrs till morning at 8: For cancellation of ticket and leave the train. And now I got the mail that my tdr has been cancelled and reason mentioned that passenger had travelled.

This is really unfair for us that when I had not travelled then how can I get the reason that I had travelled. Even after waiting Tdr complaint 10 hrs till morning the Tdr complaint did not start Tdr complaint after filling tdr why i am not eligible for the refund.

I hope you reply soon and please after reading all my case provide me the refund of Rs. TDR filed but no money has been refunded till date. Tdr complaint refund the money at the earliest.

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S K Singh Varanasi. Money has not been refunded till date for the above mentioned details.

Please process it ASAP. The train was late more than 04 Hrs. Please find below the "Tdr complaint." Sunil Trivedi mob Have not travelled in that train because I travelled by flight same night for which I have security check receipt on my flight ticket It is possible for one person to travel at two places same time.

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It is clearly fault from TTE on duty who wrongly mentioned that I travelled. No refund came back to my account. Hence I request you to kindly refund my money at the earliest.

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