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ODIN is credited with a number of successes on the ground, and the concept is being exported to Afghanistan.

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Part of that process involves buying new, updated aircraft, and the US military continues to buy KA turboprops for use in different configurations. It can land on airfields under 3, feet in length, and is normally used for VIP and light transport duties. These short-field capabilities, coupled with the small size of many urgent needs on the front lines, have pressed many Cs into service in theater.

Secretary Gates gave the green light to buy 37 MC aircraft by the end ofas part of the Project Liberty program. In contrast, American UCs have often had their in-theater flights limited or at risk due to their their lack of protection against shoulder fired ground-to-air missiles like the SA Taking off with full fuel and payload, an MC can perform medium-altitude surveillance over a designated area for more than 7 hours, fly back nautical miles to base, and still land with more than 45 minutes of fuel on board.

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The first 8 MCs were restricted to an infrared pointer, which allowed the aircraft to signal an Aiken hookup site video 2019 japanese tsunami by province meaning or building to soldiers wearing special goggles. It took until September to begin working with a full laser targeting designator that could mark targets for helicopter or UAV-fired Hellfire missiles, laser-guided AGM Maverick missiles fired from manned fighters, and the laser-guided 70mm rockets that many vendors are currently developing.

They are not covered here. Unless otherwise noted, contracts are issued to Hawker Beechcraft Corp. The aircraft is a derivative of the King Air and incorporates advanced technology and a unique and flexible mission package. It is highly reliable and can last for more than 12 hours with extended range.

Sierra Nevada Corp will act as lead contractor on the sale. The six King Air aircraft were purchased from manufacturer Beechcraft in with five possessing intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance ISR capabilities. The latest package will include provision of operational and intermediate depot level maintenance, spare parts, component repair, publication updates, maintenance training, and logistics.

The majority of the aircraft have been used in supporting Iraqi military operations against Al-Qaeda affiliates and Islamic State militants in the country. Even so, the MC will be regarded as an extraordinarily successful program. During thecombat hours flown, the MCW Liberty aided in the kill or capture of more than 8, terrorists, discovered more than weapons caches, helped divert convoys around improvised explosive devices, provided over watch for large numbers of coalition forces, and saved coalition lives.

The Air Force will also provide the back-end processing, exploitation and dissemination of MCW information until FYat which point Army personnel will take on the whole mission. Officials denied that enemy action was responsible. MCW Liberty planes have traditionally needed to pass targets on to Joint Terminal Attack Controller troops, who would then direct fire from aircraft, artillery, etc.

That seems to have pushed the USAF to move on something that had been an envisioned upgrade for years. No boat to China. They expect to emerge from bankruptcy in Q1 as Beechcraft Corp. Work will be performed in Greenville, TX and is expected to be complete in August This contract was not competitively procured pursuant to the FAR 6. HBC announces that the U. In addition, any definitive agreement with Superior will be subject to termination if another potential purchaser succeeds in the mandatory competitive auction overseen by the U.

Their proposal was the best the company saw in its ongoing review of strategic options, and includes both additional investment and continuing to operate as a standalone entity. Meanwhile, the base King Air would be owned by a Chinese Aiken hookup site video 2019 japanese tsunami by province meaning. Their definition is fairly broad, and includes air ambulances, trainer aircraft, and even weather modification planes, which are apparently popular in the Middle East.

Bankruptcy Code… [including] approval to continue to pay employees, and to pay all vendors and suppliers in the ordinary course for goods and services delivered after the commencement of the Chapter 11 case.

CEO Steve Miller has a blunt assessment of his company core problem: The company intends to use the proceeds of this loan to fund its ongoing operations as Hawker Beechcraft continues working with its lenders toward a comprehensive recapitalization.

This forbearance agreement is scheduled to expire on June 29, Hawker Beechcraft Wichita Eagle. Effort includes total maintenance, logistics for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance aircraft and associated ground support equipment.

The location of the performance is Wichita, KS. Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are seen as potential customers in the near term, and L-3 expects to compete in other locations as well incl. Hawker Beechcraft Corporation announces an upgraded electric power system for its late model Beechcraft King Air turboprops, designed to add more power for special mission needs.

It includes two amp starter generators with paralleled output of amps, an additional mission electrical bus with cockpit control, and automatic load shedding. Overall, it provides another amps of 28 VDC power for late model King Air s serial FL and on as an aftermarket kit, and is available as an option for on new production special mission King Air aircraft.

Work will be performed in Wichita, KS, with an expected completion date of Dec. Six bids were solicited with two bids received. A pair of FBO. Integration required to be completed 12 months from award of contract. At this time, all funds have been obligated. Note that most of the gear that could make it a surveillance aircraft would be delivered under separate contracts.

Hyperlinks added by DID:. The first aircraft Aiken hookup site video 2019 japanese tsunami by province meaning in Afghanistan last December. The final decision will be made next year, the Air Force said in a statement.

Dan Johnsonwho commands the th Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Wing… interviewed, researched and wrote a paper for the Air Force exploring whether drones or manned planes were better at spying Aiken hookup site video 2019 japanese tsunami by province meaning insurgents. Hawker Beechcraft release [PDF]. Many USAF programs spend over 10 years in development, and operational ramp-up is often a more measured process, so Capt.

The company adds that the first 23 planes have all been delivered, on or ahead of schedule. See also Flight International. From [initial] contract to [deployment in] combat was about eight months. There are also 6 one-month options for storage of the aircraft. One was bid solicited with one bid received by U. Defense News reports that Iraqi and American buys may be the forerunner of a much larger trend:.

One has been delivered. Deployment will take place in May One bid was solicited and one bid received by the U. L3 does not make the aircraft, but it does perform integration for the ISR version, which will use their MX line or surveillance and targeting turrets. Work will be performed in Wichita, KS and is expected to be completed in February Beechcraft — King Air i. In the Kingdom of the Blind…. Small aircraft pull their weight.

The new design channels blast force away from the vehicle and its occupants thus drastically enhancing soldier protection. Boeing and Embraer established agreements in and that allow the US firm to have a hand in global marketing and logistics support of the KC, but a defense related joint venture would allow for a more intensive collaboration.

The multi-mission aircraft is capable of in-air refueling operations, cargo transport and SOF deployment. The government of the United Arab Emirates is ordering more attack helicopters for its armed forces.

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The upgraded attack helicopter incorporates 26 key new-technology insertions which keep his s airframe at the leading edge of technology. Production of the aircraft is estimated to be completed by February 28, Iraq is requesting the purchase of five additional Bell GX helicopters to support ongoing counter-insurgency operations.

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