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DIS - Exemption of clause 3. Depot Incentive Scheme — Enhancement of Incentive on passenger ticket from 0. Extension of validity of the Depot Incentive Scheme and modifications were m. Certain problems in the utilization of Paper rolls - Action initiated - Re. Software to generate the Zone-wise Region-wise and Unit-wise list of employees suspended.

Modifications in Payrolls Module software to print zoeros in salary slip Apsrtc tenders dating gross salary. Generation of attendance and LSA particulars of employees through internet - inf. Vanitha Family Card - To pay commission of Rs.

Changes in fare slabs for payment of commission payable to ATB Agents consequent to fare rev. Drive on punctuality of operation Apsrtc tenders dating services - Analysing causes for unpunctual operati.

Fixation of speed of travel for different types of services - Reiteration of instructi. Implementation of Cash Apsrtc tenders dating Scheme to the crew to ensure their attendence on. Certain modifications to make it more user-friendly. Duty hours of crew, performing duty on long distance night services - Reg. Fixation of speed of travel for district ordinary services - Issue of instructions.

Revision of passenger fares w. Provision of buses on special hire - Revision in the special hire rates of buses of t.

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Actuals - Issue of instructions - Reg. Scale Officers in Co. Pulse Polio Immunization - Implementation of the programme on and - Participat. Offices, Establishments etc - In. Embezzlement and misappropriation of Corporation revenues - Issue of instructions - Reg.

Verification of Union Membership in A. Making representations to Higher Authorities without routing through proper channe.

Occupation of Guest House Apsrtc tenders dating local Officers on permanent basis instructions issued - Re.

IFSC Code ANDB, Acc. in...

Act - Instructions - Issued - Reg. Terry Cotton shirting cloth instead of 1. II as Gr-I - Orders. III posts — Allowing the. II by Limited Recruitment- App. Cannibalization of Units — Apsrtc tenders dating to improvement in Units life - Instructions to stop su. Form and manner of display of destination boards in Pallevelugu and City Buses — Instruc. Inspection of incoming material at Zonal Stores — proper accountal — Instructions —.

CMEs — Communication of revised inspection format — R.

Standardization of Muster closing date and Salary date accross the Corporation - Instructi. Buses-Implementation of unique service Apsrtc tenders dating — Issue of certain guidelines on display of desti. E calibration room in Workshops. Hi-tech buses — Water leakage complaints on Hi-tech buses — Prevention of leakages — Certain g. Accountal of revenue kms. Providing alternative employment to medically unfit drivers to the post of Reco.

Drivers and Shramiks working. Depot Clerk — Consideration of. Supdt p by promotion from among the Sr. CMEs attached to Executive Direct. Maintenance - Introduction of certain modifications o n Ashok Leyland Vehicles as a product developm. Vijayawada applicable from to - Communication - Regarding. Maintenance - Introduction of King Pins with grease lubrication instead of oil lubrication of existi. CMEs - Comprehensive guidelines i. P, Miyapur- Extension of validity of the scheme- Reg. Silver Cards - Revision of tariff of Silver Cards consequent to fare revision from DCP - Modifications in program for generation of attendance particulars of staff - Reg.

DCP - Procedure to be Apsrtc tenders dating in depots where Way Bills were issued manually during strike period. DCP - Instructions on accountal of non moving trays and jumping blocks - implementation - Reg.

Reports - Generating the reports through various Modules - Usage of the same- regarding. Instructions issued regarding preparation of make-wise analysis of Tread Rubber by the Tyre Retrading Shops of the area - Reg. Medical Attendance - Reimbursement of cost of treatment as a routine - Deviation of instructions - Issue "Apsrtc tenders dating" revised instructions - Reg.

Financial discipline regarding scrutiny of primary records of accounts and precautions to be taken by Unit Officers thereon - Reg., Notification. Last Date. View....

Implementation of provisions of M. Orders of High Court in this regard-Instructions issued for imoplementation G.

Allotment of Canteens, stalls, shops in the bus stations by calling tenders -Reg. Hiring of private buses-Revised hire rates payble due to revision in HSD oil price to all categories and types of hire buses-Revision of hire rates consequent to revision in HSD oil price on Serving of confectionaraies free of cost to the passengers of Garuda buses-issues of instructions-Reg.

Appointment of zone wise ad agents for display of ads on the buses - Reg. Plan of action for improving the occupancy ratio there by revenues of the corporation-issue of comprehensive guidelines-Reg. Seat Head Rest Covers: Appointment of zone wise ad agents for display of ads "Apsrtc tenders dating" the bus stations, passenger shelter in the respctive zones - Reg.

Allotment of open space at the bus stations for commercial activity obstructing the free movement of the public- Reg. Hiring of private buses. Revised hire rates payble due to revision in HSD oil price to all categories and types of hire buses-Revision of hire Apsrtc tenders dating consequent to revision in HSD oil price on Issue of concessional bus passes to the students attending "summer crash courses" being conducted at Govt.

GO-MS-No Water Resources Department -...

Payment of compensation to the legal heirs of the deceased etc- outside settlement and lok adalaths - reg. Conducting of "Customer Focus Fortnight" from Selection of accident free depots- Depot award scheme for DMs and Supervisors for reduction of accidents. Allotment of un used buildings, un used bus stations - Enhancement of Apsrtc tenders dating period from 6 yrs to 10 yrs- Reg. Letting out un used bus stations in a time bound program through a depot level commitee for augmentation of "Apsrtc tenders dating" revenue - Reg.

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