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Hookup a man a foot taller than you


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Women who've dated soneone more than a foot taller than you, was it awkward? I'd like to know from the other perspective, being 6'8 I've Hookup a man a foot taller than you been less than a foot taller than my SO.

Half of Those could easily just have been "wow he's so tall" I get those looks a lot. I do not like dating men more than inches taller than me. It just looked and felt so awkward to me. When my best friend got engaged I remember her saying how she was glad that the person she ended up falling in love with and that she was going to marry was only 5 inches taller than herself.

It wasn't like she intentionally started dating him because of his height or anything but she said she was glad that she never experiences any of the awkwardness she experienced in the past with other guys because of a great height difference. Not to be too TMI but sex seems to always be positioned awkwardly when someone is so much taller.

Like if you want to kiss and hump at the same time, it takes some real stretching. It's absolutely doable and amount is not hindered in anyway IME.

Hugging him is so romantic...

Mouseover or click to view the metric conversion for this comment. I'm 5'2 and I dated someone who was 6'3. It was really awkward and uncomfortable. I couldn't hug him or kiss him without cranking myself into a weird position, sex was worse--my face would be directly covered by his chest or shoulder. It was just dumb. My last boyfriend was 5'6 and that was Hookup a man a foot taller than you much of a better match. Now my "ideal" is 5'6 or 5'7. I'm 5ft and my ex was 6'5.

My current SO is 5'6. Personally it was a tiny bit awkward for things like holding hands, I prefer the one I have now! Eh, mostly it was fine. It was frustrating arguing with him though, it's difficult to be taken seriously when you're giving a stern talking-to to someone's chest.

I can confirm its hard to take chest high people serious when they're giving a stern talking to. You were never torn to shreds in the military by a 4'8" training instructor. Our brother flight's tall guys got an earful from the ground.

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