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Reproduccion asexual de las plantas para primaria cluj


Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Apidae Infestation levels of the mite Varroa destructor Acari: Varroidae in new and old honeybee brood combs of Apis mellifera Hymenoptera: The aim of this work was to. The exposition of honey bees to the chemicals was performed by direct spraying, contamination of food, and contact in treated surface citrus leaves and Petri dishes, using recommended rates of application.

The objective of this work was to evaluate the heat affected zone characteristics and weld metals microstructure and mechanical properties of API 5L X80 steel welded joints, obtained for four different welding procedures using manual and automated processes. Prolongamento do intervalo QT. Increased QTi is a change that may have clinical importance because predisposes to Reproduccion asexual de las plantas para primaria cluj de pointes and sudden.

Programmers used to be the only people excited about APIsbut now a growing number of companies see them as a hot new product channel.

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This concise guide describes the tremendous business potential of APIsand demonstrates how you can use them to provide valuable services to clients, partners, or the public via the Internet. You'll learn all the steps necessary for building a cohesive API business strategy from experts in the trenches. Facebook and Twitter APIs continue to be extremely successful, and many other companies find that API demand greatly exceeds website traffic. Los resultados muestran que la mayor parte de estas personas practican en espacios cubiertos y de instalaciones deportivas sobre todo The welding of pipes has been largely manual in Brazil, however, the use of automated welding processes have greatly increased in recent years, contributing to greater control of welding parameters, and consequently, the possibility of obtaining welded joints with better mechanical properties.

The welding of pipes of API 5L X80 steel has been evaluated in Brazil considering to Reproduccion asexual de las plantas para primaria cluj practices, parameters and welding processes; the implementation of automated processes in the specific field conditions is relevant project and innovative design in this area. Therefore, the objective is to evaluate the behavior in the HAZ of the API 5L X80 steel used for transporting oil and gas Reproduccion asexual de las plantas para primaria cluj subjected to automated welding processes; the results indicated besides the.

The corrosion behavior of gas metal arc welding GMAW regions has been studied using potentiodynamic polarization and polarization resistance LPR techniques. Base metal exhibited the highest corrosion rate CR and the most cathodic corrosion potential. El metal base exhibio la velocidad de corrosion VC mas alta y el potencial de corrosion mas catodico.

Rapeseed Canola Brassica napus L. Polinizado por Abejas Apis mellifera L. Full Text Available Recent introduction of hybrid varieties raises the question if bees Apis mellifera L. In order to evaluate the yield achieved by B.

Artus pollinated by A. This consisted in isolating or excluding rapeseed plants from pollinators with exclusion cages. Treatments applied were total exclusion T1, partial exclusion T2 and free pollination T0 with a density of 6.

The experimental design used was randomized complete blocks with three treatments and three replicates. Results obtained show that the parameter least affected by bee intervention was the grains per silique variable. In contrast, siliques per plant and grain weight parameters presented significant differences, contributing to a yield greater than 5 t ha-1; which represented a figure It may be concluded that the inclusion of bees in crops is fully justified as a production tool.

Con el objetivo de evaluar el rendimiento alcanzado por B. Artus polinizado por A.

The manufacturing of high strength ERW pipe, which applies the continuous forming process, is known to lead to a relevant economy in a productivity basis. The past few years shown a trend of changing on grade range, from the past X52 to the present X The manufacturing of the latter grades for coils are somehow difficult due to the high Bauschinger effect observed on ERW pipes with ferritic-perlitic microstructure, that results in pipes with yield strength much lower than in coils, as on limitations on Reproduccion asexual de las plantas para primaria cluj, where controlled rolling is not applied.

In this work, acicular dispersed bainite was searched, in a way to reduce this effect after pipe forming. The wetted bulb dimensions measurements were accomplished for determining the percent wetted area. La incidencia de los hongos encontrados fue en general baja: This work objectified to compare the productivity and the quality of the strawberry marketable fruits in protected environment, using the species of bee Apis mellifera in relation of the absence of a polinizator agent.

It was installed two experiments using the cultivates Camarosa, Oso Grande, Diamante and Aromas treatments, in the period of May 5 th until December 19th of The first experiment did not have polinizatores agents control. The second was polinizated by the species of bee Apis mellifera. weekly .. weekly...

The treatments cultivars had been arranged, in each experiment in a randomized blocks with 6 repetitions. They were evaluated income characteristics, as well as analysis physicist-chemistry of the fruits of each cultivar. For the income, the biggest production was gotten in cultivar Camarosa, for the first and the second experiment ,46 g. Sin embargo, aparecen diferencias significativas entre los dos grupos de edad en lo que concierne a los criterios enunciados. Risks of damages or even premature collapse of buried pipelines caused by their interaction with geologically unstable soils are well-established phenomena.

Therefore, both monitoring and measurements of the actual loads transmitted by the soil to the pipeline are mandatory requirements, and define the necessity of developing new nondestructive techniques capable to carry out through evaluations of these loads in field. The aim of this paper has been placed on the presentation of a cutting-edge ultrasonic technology applied to stress measurements.

To accomplish this purpose a series of ultrasonic tests were conducted on tensile specimens extracted from API 5L Grade X steel pipe to determine its acoustic birefringence. The results have evidenced the acoustic birefringence to be a technique sufficiently consistent and, consequently, it shall be considered as a promising tool for the evaluation of the structural integrity of metallic structures in the near future.

In addition, it was also observed that the use of this technique allows measuring the residual stress resulting from the pipe manufacturing process. The pollen types recollected by Apis mellifera and the flower blooms collected on the field during the study were analyzed using the Lactic Acetolysis technique.

From Reproduccion asexual de las plantas para primaria cluj 40 types of pollen collected, by means of microscopy only 24 were identified among the pollen found in the beehives. The obtaining of alloys and slags is studied using an experiment design based in the relationships among components. The chemical compositions of alloys and slags guarantee their application for the conformation of alloys loads and matrix fluxes amassed for the superficial filling by means of submerged arc welding SAW.

The melting-reduction process is carried out in an electric arc furnace. Full Text Available The helmet appeared in the steppes of Eurasia at the end of the second mill. The helmets were cast and seem to follow Chinese helmets of the Shang-Yin time. This type of helmet reached eastern Europe in the first centuries of the first mill. A new development was the armoured cap of felt with iron casted scales. It was developed by the Skythians under the impression of the Reproduccion asexual de las plantas para primaria cluj scale armour which they met during their invasion in Near East.

Three Assyrian pointed helmets were found in northern Caucasia and might be booty or bought by the Cimmerians or the Skythians in the Seventh or sixth century BC. During the fifth and fourth centuries the Greeks sold several types of helmets to the Skythians.

clasificación internacional de atención primaria....

Thrakian helmets might have been won during wars on the Balkans. Celtic helmets found at several sites might have been imported via Italy -or are left by Celtic mercenaries of the Pontos kings. Los cascos eran forjados y parecen derivar de los cascos chinos del periodo Shang-Yin. Un nuevo desarrollo fue el capacete blindado de fieltro con escamas de hierro.

Durante los siglos V-IV a. Qualitative analysis by X ray fluorescence of impurities in materials used as air filters; Analisis cualitativo por fluorescencia de rayos X de impurezas en materiales utilizados como filtros de aire.

A qualitative analysis of impurities in 5 materials commonly used as air filters was performed with 2 aims: Some papers on air filters impurities cellulose, polycarbonate and glass fiber were found in literature.

In one case, the analysis was performed by energy-dispersive X ray fluorescence, tube generated method. In this work it was employed the same method but a radioisotope Cd was used as primary source.

This was applied to 2 of the above mentioned materials as well as to nylon, teflon and quartz. The glass fiber filter had the highest impurity level: The teflon filter had the lowest impurity level. The developed procedure is fast, precise and reproducible and it may be applied also to wastewaters filters. En la bibliografia se encontraron algunas publicaciones acerca de impurezas en filtros de aire celulosa, pollicarbonato y fibra de vidriodeterminadas principalmente por Absorcion Atomica.

En un caso, tal determinacion se realizo por Fluorescencia de Rayos X generados en tubo de descargas y detectados por dispersion de energia. En Reproduccion asexual de las plantas para primaria cluj trabajo se empleo el mismo metodo de Fluorescencia de Rayos X detectados por dispersion de energia pero generados por un radioisotopo Cd y se aplico a dos de los tres materiales antes. Full Text Available The main objective of the present investigation was to study the susceptibility to hydrogen damage on a type API 5L X52 steel welded by electrical resistance.

Several techniques, such as hydrogen permeation and cathodic charging were used. The base metal microstructure was very similar to that one corresponding to the welded area. This microstructure was mainly comprised by ferrite and perlite, differing only in the grain size. Therefore, the susceptibility to hydrogen damage was similar in both cases. It is worth mentioning that the welded area has very small dimensions.

Indeed, the fusion zone is only 5 mm wide while the heat affected zone is 1 mm wide. The hydrogen damage observed was mainly in the form of blisters, which were associated to the presence of aluminum rich inclusions.

Also, it was noticed partial inclusion dissolution and some matrix attack adjacent to the inclusions. Realizou-se pesquisa descritiva, de abordagem quantitativa e por meio de uma survey. The objective of the study is to examine the instruments of managerial accounting used in microand small commercial businesses in decision making and the availability of these instruments byaccounting services companies.

A descriptive research was done using a quantitative approachand a survey. Two questionnaires were applied to collect the data, one directed to commercialenterprises and other to the accounting service Reproduccion asexual de las plantas para primaria cluj office.

Pollen harvest by Apis mellifera L. Corbiculae pollen loads were collected during one year in front of the hive, acetolysed and slides mounted for optical microscopy.