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What is the definition of overrated


Here are the films that some of the current and former members of the Film International editorial team particularly liked this year. And those that we found particularly — annoyingly — overrated.

As some of us are based in the US and others in Sweden, contributors were allowed to include films that were first released in their respective country during Based in the US. A Most Wanted Man — another overlooked gem. But hey — this is what makes for a lively discussion, or a horse race, or whatever lame simile or metaphor you might care to use, or not use.

This collected series of lists are refreshing for the broad range of cinematic appreciation they offer. As you say Wheeler the difference in opinion is what gives cinema its vitality and allows the discussion of film to thrive and for film to ultimately endure.

Nightcrawler was quite an What is the definition of overrated discussion of the survival instinct implanted within all of us from birth and how it runs contrary to our moral identity. Yes, It is too true, Jacob. In that spirit, here are a list of films I would very much like to see, but have not seen yet! But here are a few more I hope to see:. There are so many other film titles that sound strong from all the festival round-ups this year, and there are still more that never found a distributor.

It is so hard to come up with a Top Ten and to stay in Though most mainstream films are dreadful What is the definition of overrated infantile, thankfully there are still so many great films being made. I have no doubt forgotten to include some great films I was lucky enough to see this past year.

I really was rooting for the majority of these films. Some started out with promise, but ended up failing to grab me. Ranking is all very subjective, and of course I may watch one of two of these later and wonder if I was out of my mind. It felt too pretty, but now I want to watch it again.

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I must mention the utterly breathtaking and dialogue-free Bestiaire, directed by Denis Côté. And so it goes, often really great films are buried right beneath our noses.

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