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For people with this condition, sensory information gets mixed in the brain causing them to see sounds, taste colors, or perceive numbers as having particular hues. But psychologist David Brang is studying a bunch of people with an even odder form of synesthesia: The current month was reportedly inside her chest with the previous month in front of her chest, reports New Scientist.

Describing the condition to New ScientistBrang said:. Brang found these uncommon individuals by recruiting students for a trial, in which he asked them to visualize the months of the year and reconstruct that representation on a computer screen. Four months later the students were shown a blank screen and asked to select a position for each of the months.

They were prompted with a Curve game meme dating ghosting vision brain month — a randomly selected month placed as a dot in the location where the student had originally placed it. Uncannily, four of the students were found to be time-space synesthetes when they placed their months in a distinct spatial array — such as a circle — that was consistent over the trials.

A second test was conducted to compare the memories of time-space synesthetes to those of regular folks. Brang asked his subjects to memorize an unfamiliar spatial calendar and reproduce it. The results showed that when it came to recalling events in time, time-space synesthetes far outperformed the others. The Science of Synesthesia 80beats: Are We All Synesthetes?


The year to me is like the Candyland game path. Yep, this is how I see time, too, except the ring goes counterclockwise and is stationary. I move in the center as I need to. The year begins at my right elbow with January. The end of Winter and beginning of Spring is in front of me, Summer to my left and rear, Fall begins over Curve game meme dating ghosting vision brain right shoulder, and the beginning of winter winds up at my right side.

Just as pictured here, the months are not of equal length or intensity. Each month has a color and a character, and I can view events within the month as blocks of color…however it is not super accurate. Tuesday is orange, Wednesday is green, Thursday is red, Friday is sky blue, Saturday is white and Sunday is grey. But in my mind, they are like a CG 3d object which can be manipulated however I want.

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The description of the visualization reminds me a bit of the way some characters in B. I remember telling my math teacher that each number had a colour as well as the days of the week which are each aligned around myself in a clockwise manner. Given the comments here, I guess I am not alone after all. My twin brother and I see time similar to this. The floating ribbon shown in this article is, nevertheless; somewhat representative of what we see, excluding the color chart.

Ours is more vivid and covers more of the color spectrum. January is crimson lollipop transparent red, December is pure solid white. August is vivid bright cadmium yellow.

March to April is a blended transition from crystalline bright blue to crystalline traffic light green. This article explains a lot. We are not alone and now we know that we are not strange.

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Many of our peers labeled us as strange as we were growing up. Now we know that they are the unfortunate ones in lieu of us. We are both musicians and see tones and movements in colors and shapes.

Bass staccatos are maroons and gray with triangular sharp shapes and some elongated pointed edges.


We began experimenting with the piano at age four. We had our own language when we were extremely young and still use many of those verbs and nouns to this day, when the need to be discreet is present. It starts with december in front of me to the left and all the months getting closer to me until the month im thinking of and then the months get farther away to the right and I move along the months to the month Curve game meme dating ghosting vision brain thinking of.

Thank you David Brang for shedding light on this I am also a time-space synesthete and it is nice to see that there are so many others! I see time in a reverse clock with Dec beginning at I just discovered that I have a Number Form synesthesia yesterday. All these time, I thought its present to everyone. I see the whole year as a ring but with equal length for each month. For example, January can be at my back, front or side dependent on the month.

If we are talking April, then January is on my right, if July, then january is far on my front, if october,then January is on my right. Sometimes Curve game meme dating ghosting vision brain am inside the right soemtimes outside of it. For example 1stth day of the month is a vertical line, then at the top of that vertical line will join a horizontal line going to the right for the 11thth day then in the right end of that horizontal line will join another vertical line for the 21stth day.

When talking about years, for example, etc, it would form another graph. But if you would make it specific January 20then I can only see a drawing for the whole century ofthe centuries prior to and after that would vanish on my picture.

However I can be more detailed on the picture of present than the years before that. I can see it the way I describe the 30 days of the month. Also in numbers its almost the same. But, up to 1, are just like horizontal lines above one another. So the first horizontal line at the bottom is then above it is another horizontal line for then the very top is Just like the horizontal lines on your paper. For k to 1Million is like the lines again on your paper. I hope you would understand and picture out my descriptions.

I want to make it as detailed as possible so researchers who would read this would have a better understanding. Anyone who would like to e-mail me regarding this if I can offer any help can reach me thruogh my site just click my name. Also, what about this, is this a synesthesia?

The odd fatc if it makes me feels these feelings without remembering anything. For example, some people would feel in love when they hear a song because they can remember their girlfriend, some would feel sad because they would remember a tragic past. More odd thing is even when the music isa happy and lively music, it can make me feel sad. Also sometimes when I smell something, its not a color that I see but a feeling again that I cant exactly determine.

Can we consider this as a form of synesthesia or is it just normal thing to happen?? The beginning of the year and spring move from left to right, the summer months starting sometime in mid may move from top to bottom, starting in late august the months move from right to left and when january comes back around it jumps up to the beginning again. I also have a certain pattern for days of the week and numbers and the alphabet.

I think this is probably "Curve game meme dating ghosting vision brain" rare at all. Once more light is shed on the subject, I believe the percentage will be higher. I recently discovered that the way i perceive things is a condition that is shared by many. I have colors for months, days of the week, numbers, names, sounds, letters.

Indeed i have a very good memory of events in my life and faces. My memory and recollection of things is very heavily dependent on the way i perceive things, that is in colors. I see my calendar as a kind of 3D square that I can move my position around depending on what month it is. I always thought of it like being on a chess board. I have a very specific line my numbers follow too which I always wondered why there was certain curves and zigzags in my thoughts.

Its mind blowing that I see the world differently to others. As soon as I saw the image on this article I felt elated!

But it is very similiar to the picture. I also have a shape for the week and the day. They are all ovals of sorts well, a day is more round. The year is stationary, and when I look at it December is Curve game meme dating ghosting vision brain at the top. So right now it is May, and so I look down toward June and July which Curve game meme dating ghosting vision brain sort of accross as well as down.

But if I want to think about December, I can turn around physically, or I can just imagine and I will be looking back. Okay, this description probably is very confusing to other synesthates, like yours are to me all the years get jumbled together—that is, yours and mine.

But what about a day? I can describe that shape more easily! So in the morning there is a sense of time going up, and in the afternoon of it sinking down maybe why 3pm makes me sleepy?

The rest of us have to take drugs just to get to this level: I mean driving green, yellow red or can you separate the two? That circle is exactly how I see the months in a year!

July at the bottom. I see a day as a rectangle from left to right. I see bad or angry people as dark ugly colors like a child coloring hard, back and forth with a crayon. By Smriti Rao April 2, That explains a lot about my life.

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