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Matt hardy dating


Not long after that, Lita dumped the guy she was dating and headed for Mexico, figuring there would be no better place to train Matt hardy dating the land that created the style she loved most. All we know for sure is that she loved Mexican wrestling and started her training after attending dozens of shows in the country, mimicking her favorite wrestlers to create her own unique-amongst-women highflying style.

Many sources also point to Lita having trained with El Dandy while in the country, with some of the rumors about their relationship bordering on slander if not true. Most wrestling fans probably only know of El Dandy for the infamous Bret Hart promo where he asked Gene Okerlund who we were to doubt him, though he genuinely was a fairly big name in Mexico. It worked for a shocking Matt hardy dating of superstars, including Lita, who claims to have gotten hired by Paul Heyman to work for ECW simply by showing up and highly impressing with her look and style.

Dating History

Lita herself has never acknowledged the rumors, nor have any of the men allegedly involved, strongly suggesting some disturbed fan must have invented them. Thanks to her look and ability to perform more aerial moves than the average female Matt hardy dating, Lita was such an instant hit in ECW that she was on her way to WWE in less than a year. After training with Dory Funk, Jr.

Matt Hardy and Reby Sky...

Lita moved on to an alliance with The Hardy Boyz, which ultimately lead to a real life romance blossoming between Lita and Matt Hardy. The exact date the two started Matt hardy dating in real life is unclear, though we can pinpoint their onscreen romance to have begun on February 19th,when Matt first kissed Lita after she improbably defeated Dean Malenko in an intergender match. Coincidentally, it was allegedly around the time the storyline with Malenko began that Lita and Matt started taking their friendship to a romantic "Matt hardy dating." Lita and Matt would spend the next four years together, though their on screen characters would take many sabbaticals apart over that time, the longest occurring when Lita broke her neck in Shortly after Lita recovered from her severe neck injury, she and Matt Hardy were reunited on screen in late Unfortunately for Matt, he went down with a knee injury himself in the summer ofagain separating them on screen while Matt had surgery and started the recovery process.

As it would turn out, the injury indirectly lead to the two splitting up in real life, as well, because Lita began cheating on Matt with his best friend, Edge, while Matt was away.

Making matters worse, Edge was also married at the timeand recently no less, to his second wife, Lisa Ortiz. Edge had previously been married to Alannah Morley, the sister of Val Venis. Hardy Matt hardy dating discovered the affair and publicized it with a number of posts to his website, with Ortiz eventually joining in to share her side of the story, harshly criticizing Edge and Lita for covering up the relationship instead of simply telling the truth.

After complaining about Lita on his website, Matt was released from his contract in April of After a brief stint in Ring of Honor, Hardy made his return on July 11th, attacking Edge in a moment many fans believed was unscripted. It was, of course, as was every subsequent event between the three—although it turns out Lita and Edge may have wished otherwise….

FACE OFF: Matt Hardy and...

Once they were finally forced to confront Matt about the affair, Edge and Lita both admitted they felt terrible about what they did to Matt, simply wanting to leave things there and move on. Ultimately, Edge and Lita came out of the situation as the bigger stars, thanks to the fact Edge won most of the matches, plus Matt giving a few weak interviews.

Even so, the personal nature of what they were doing and saying made the two feel bad, which, granted, is how guilty parties usually Matt hardy dating when confronted with their misdeeds. Sure enough, WWE put a bed in the squared circle near the end of the show and the raunchy Matt hardy dating started to go at it, though they were soon interrupted by Ric Flair and John Cena.

It Matt hardy dating have been even worse, as she also alleged Vince McMahon originally wanted her to do the segment completely naked. Sometime inLita and Edge ended their relationship and she met guitarist Shane Morton, whom she soon began dating. Feeling her time in the ring was nearing an end, Lita and Morton decided to form a band together, employing bassist Jay Hedberg and journeyman drummer Racci Shay to create The Luchagors.

Matt Hardy Dating History

Despite moderate record sales and popular tour mates, The Luchagors were never able to become a financial success and thus broke up in without releasing a second album.

With her band on the rise, constant pain affecting her back, and her heart no longer in the business, Lita retired from the ring in Matt hardy dating Throughout these visits, Lita soon became close with fellow tattooed counter cultural icon, CM Punk, allegedly forging a romantic partnership in The relationship was first broken by The Sunalong with a report neither Edge nor Matt Hardy had any problems with it.

However, Matt Hardy gave an interview not long after stating that the rumors were false and Punk and Lita were merely close friends. As couples sometimes do, Lita apparently got back together with CM Punk four years after they first dated, rekindling their relationship in Fans started speculating the Matt hardy dating were dating again that spring, with confirmation coming when the two were spotted together at the premiere of Iron Man 3.

Relationship Timeline

At WrestleMania 29, Punk was defeated by The Undertaker, after which he took two months off, during which he and Lita started the process of getting back together. This time, though, the reason for the split was Matt hardy dating clear, and in a sense, Lita got a taste of her own medicine….

Lita and Edge were both on record for having felt bad about the way they handled the Matt Hardy situation, a fact this list has already covers. It bears repeating, "Matt hardy dating," because Lita would later learn first hand just how much pain she inflicted upon Matt, when CM Punk did the same thing to her by dating AJ Lee while still officially in the middle of his second relationship with Lita.

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