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I want an asian boyfriend


Menu JpopAsia Search Login. Home Charts Community Game. I want an Asian Boyfriend! NiniNoka 7yr ago 2, jpops. I'm black and I'm interested in dating outside my race.

I really like Asian guys and found them attractive since I was little. But I have one problem, I live in an all black neighborhood. What should i do?

And yes you can be...

Should I still try to pursue this or should I just give up and wait till college? I'm pretty in my opinion smart and have a nice personality. Also I like all races of guys. I just basically want to date more races besides black guys.

Most Asian guys are shy,...

Yoshi4sushi 6yr ago 18, jpops. HBpencil1 6yr ago 11, jpops. But why do you even need a bf in high school?

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Why do you want one in high school? I been married for over 30 years now!!! D and I'm not really an expert in dating I'm going to college next year and has no I want an asian boyfriend life yet lol, forever alone all I can say is maybe you can wait after you graduated in high school: But I don't think that is general: SimplyStrange 7yr ago jpops. I didn't automatically think it would work out between my boyfriend and me I'm white and he is Vietnamese but it has and I love him more than words can express.

Maybe you will find an asian guy but its also possible you may end up loving someone completely different. I have a preference too but I'm always looking for someone to have a laugh with, share common interest, is awesome and most of all, you both want to be together when you're apart.

You should give other men who aren't asians and are into you a chance. You'll be surprise what love can do. If you're friend with them first, then the right one will wait I want an asian boyfriend you until you're ready and thats an unbreakable chain you'd want to wrap yourself in. It's happened to a lot of my friends and I'm so jealous of them. Enjoy life while you're still young, there's a lot to see in the world.

Finding a boyfriend can wait. You love who you love.

I think its fine, people...

I wasn't sitting there all those years back saying I am going to date an Australian, it just happened. So don't set your sights on just asian's because it may not happen. Slivertongue 7yr ago 1, jpops. It's those who have negative personalities that live in that neighborhood that's the problem. Personally, I think most days, people don't care about the race factor. At most it makes them nervous. You don't have to wait till college to date anyone that you want to, but please stay concentrated on your studies.

Dating Asians should be on the back burner. If you like some right now no matter their skin color date them. Zeeppo 7yr agojpops. Come to think of of it men from own country have never really interested.

My thoughts on this are probably not very helpful. My husband is middle eastern- which technically is also Asian. I have been married I want an asian boyfriend 30 years but I know a good looking man when I see one Zeeppo 6yr agojpops.

And when they do, they...

Sleepycat29 6yr ago 29 jpops. Work on your edu and have fun. The right guy will show up sooner or later.

Weather he be Asian or white or I want an asian boyfriend. He'll come along when you least expect him too. D let go, girl. Because most of my boyfriends have been Asian and I don't understand the "craze" or necessity of having an Asian boyfriend. Asian guys are just They're not going to be more romantic and sweet than the next guy, although I do get how people would think that way if you watch lots of dramas.

You do have to remember that dramas are not accurate representations of Asian guys.

Your love life will never be how it is in dramas, even if you do have an Asian boyfriend. Titania 6yr agojpops.

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