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Reforma agraria de plutarco elias calles yahoo dating


Angel Pita-Duque MSc in organising this excursion is gratefully acknowledged. The fruitful cooperation with the Universidad Autonoma de Yucatan in Merida and particularly the support of Dr.

Wilbert Lizama and Dr. Report of a student excursion to Mexico - March 13th March 28th Publisher: July N of copies: Both universities have built a wealth of expertise on tropical landuse systems and the sustainable management of natural resources.

Many of the students interested herein will eventually conduct research in tropical countries - often in the frame of their M. It is obvious that even the best lecture at a university located in a so called "developed" and temperate region cannot substitute hands-on experience while visiting the tropics. Therefore, field trips to tropical countries must be part of the curriculum.

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Unfortunately, such trips are costly and require long term planning and intricate knowledge of the region to be visited. It shows the different development pathways that different parts of the sector can take within the overall development of the national economy, and, through the proximity to the USA and the NAFTA agreement offers insight into the effects of globalisation on landuse and the agricultural sector.

Hence, a preliminary programme was drafted and the excursion and the accompanying seminar were announced in early After the participants were identified, a period of intensive preparation for the trip commenced. Funds were acquired, logistics were organised and in March20 students and 4 lecturers set out for Mexico. Reforma agraria de plutarco elias calles yahoo dating March 13th until March 28th we followed through a very interesting and physically taxing schedule. Every aspect of the programme moved exceptionally smooth, which was facilitated through the excellent support received from our partners - to whom we express our sinbcere gratitude.

Finally, all participating students deserve a big Thank You.

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