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All inquiries regarding non-discrimination policies should be addressed to: Box Williamsburg, VA Note: The catalog provides announcements for the academic year. It is current until August The College reserves the right to make changes in the regulations, charges and curricula listed herein at any time.

Catalogs are issueD for other college programs as follows: The spirit and essence of the Honor System have existed at the College for more Logic301 wife sexual dysfunction years and are embodied in the Honor Code. It asserts that honor and personal integrity are fundamental attributes essential of the climate of trust which must exist in a community of scholars.

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The Code is an agreement, accepted by each student who enrolls, not to lie, cheat or steal or to tolerate such behavior in others. Selfadministered by elected peers, the Honor System is "Logic301 wife sexual dysfunction" strongly by the Faculty and the Administration. Detailed information about the Honor System may be found in the Student Handbook.

Contact the Commission on Colleges at Southern Logic301 wife sexual dysfunction, Decatur, Georgia or call for questions about the accreditation of William and Mary. Established in by British royal charter, William and Mary is proud of its role as the Alma Mater of generations of American patriots, leaders and public servants.

Now, in its fourth century, it continues this tradition of excellence by combining the best features of an undergraduate college with the opportunities offered by a modern research university.

Its moderate size, dedicated faculty and distinctive history give William and Mary a unique character among public institutions, and create a learning environment that fosters close interaction among students and teachers. This nationally acclaimed undergraduate program is integrated with selected graduate and professional programs in five faculties — Arts and Sciences, Business, Education, Law and Marine Science. Masters and doctoral programs in the humanities, the sciences, the social sciences, business, education and law provide a wide variety of intellectual opportunities for students at both graduate and undergraduate levels.

At William and Mary, teaching, research and public service are linked through programs designed to preserve, transmit and expand knowledge. Effective teaching imparts knowledge and encourages the intellectual development of both student and teacher. Research of the highest quality supports the educational program by introducing students to the challenge and excitement of original discovery, and is a source of the knowledge and understanding needed for a better society.

The university recognizes its special responsibility to the citizens of Virginia through public and community service to the Commonwealth as well as to national and international communities. Teaching, research and public service are all integral parts of the mission of William and Mary.

Alpha of Virginia, as the founding chapter came to be known, inducted fifty members during its first brief period of existence Chapters of Phi Beta Kappa were established at Yale and Harvard, which gave the Society continuity and growth it might not otherwise have had, for inwith the approach of the British army, Alpha of Virginia was suspended. After a brief revival periodthe chapter was resurrected inthe th anniversary of the founding of William and Mary.

In the meantime, chapters of the Society had been Logic301 wife sexual dysfunction at many other institutions and had come together as the United Chapters of Phi Beta Kappa, now the Phi Beta Kappa Society, with which Alpha of Virginia is affiliated.

The primary purpose of Alpha of Virginia is to encourage and recognize the achievements of William and Mary undergraduates, and twice each year, the Chapter elects to membership a small number of senior students who are B.

The College of Logic301 wife sexual dysfunction and Mary Diversity Statement The College of William and Mary in Virginia is a community of teachers, students, and staff who share our national ideals of human equality, democracy, pluralism, and advancement based on merit.

We give life to these principles—and prepare women and men to be citizens of the wider world—when we value diverse backgrounds, talents, and points of view.

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As a community, William and Mary believes that cultural pluralism and intellectual freedom introduce us to new experiences, stimulate original ideas, enrich critical thinking, and give our work a broader reach. We cannot accomplish our Logic301 wife sexual dysfunction of teaching, learning, discovery, and service without such diversity. William and Mary belongs to all Virginians, to the nation, and to the world.

Yet our College, like our country, failed for many years to open the door of opportunity to all people. In recent decades, William and Mary has made itself a more diverse community, and thus a better one.

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Structures and habits that create injustices, however, have yet to be fully banished from American society. We are committed to establishing justice.

The College of William and Mary strives to be a place where people of all backgrounds feel at home, where diversity is actively embraced, and where each individual takes responsibility for upholding the dignity of all members of the community.

Goals In fulfilling its mission, William and Mary adopts the following specific goals: Ewell, Lyon G.

Tyler, Julian A. In executing its duties, the Board is guided by the laws and policies of the Commonwealth of Virginia. It strives to preserve the ideals and traditions of the institutions under its jurisdiction, including the student-administered Honor System. The Board appoints the President of the College of William and Mary; and it appoints academic officers, faculties, and other employees essential to the effective operation of all Logic301 wife sexual dysfunction institutions under its control.

Appointed by and accountable Logic301 wife sexual dysfunction the Governor, the seventeen members of the Board of Visitors serve for terms of four years Logic301 wife sexual dysfunction. Annually the Rector appoints the President of the Student Assembly of William and Mary and, in consultation with the Committee on Academic Affairs, appoints a full-time faculty member from among the former presidents of the William and Mary Faculty Assembly to the position of non-voting, advisory representative on the Board of Visitors.

Board of Visitors Officers Michael K. Powell, Chair; Henry C. Wolf, Vice Chair; Suzann W. Matthews, Secretary; John W. Plumeri II; Anita O. Ukrop, Chair; Sarah I. Gore, Vice Chair; R. Trammell; Alexandra Duckworth; Landon K. Gerdelman, Chair; Henry C. Wolf, Vice Chair; Charles A. Capps, Chair; Charles A. Brashear, Chair; Sarah I.

Wolf, Chair; Jeffrey L. Plumeri II; Jeffrey B. Kulick Term expires June 30, Charles A. Trammell, Chair; Suzann W.

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Plumeri II, Chair; R. Mann Jennifer Blanchard W. Fanchon Glover Louise L. Geoffrey Feiss Shirley Logic301 wife sexual dysfunction. Reiss Adam Anthony Dennis M.

Strikwerda Dean of Faculty Betty P. Pulley Jon Krapfl William T. McLaughlin Dean Thomas J. Associate Dean, Technology Lizabeth A. Martin Martha Sheets Donald R. Challis Robert Dillman Earleen H. BeckerWilliam R. BeckhouseProfessor of Sociology, Emeritus, A. BickProfessor of Geology, Emeritus, B. AdairProfessor of Education, Emeritus, B. AgeeProfessor of Kinesiology, Emeritus, A.

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