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Evolutionary dating


Picture a woman in her early 20s, with smooth and glowing skin, shiny hair, full lips, and bright eyes.

She has a perfect body figure and her voluptuous hips sway gracefully as she walks past by. Why does this type of woman appeal to men? It comes as no surprise, then, if a horde of men is lining up to impress Evolutionary dating date the woman described above.

Evolutionary psychology is the branch of psychology concerned with explaining human functions and behaviors in terms of how they increase chances of survival and reproduction. In other words, the woman is highly fertile: The hourglass figure is also more than just a pleasing view of good symmetry and proportion: Evolutionary psychology asserts that as a Evolutionary dating being, the true forces that move you to act the way you do are your need to reproduce, have your genes passed on to the next generation, and ultimately Evolutionary dating the survival of the species.

So to the evolutionary psychologist,...

Now, while evolutionary psychology sees men as selecting mates based on who would provide maximum opportunity for bearing offspring, it sees women in an entirely different light. In the evolutionary Evolutionary dating, therefore, women are more attracted to men who can provide the financial resources needed for rearing children [read: Now before anyone charges evolutionary psychology of accusing women as mere gold-diggers and men as concerned only with the physical appearance of their mates, note that these speculations were not formed based on what seems instinctively right and observable in common scenarios, but are in fact grounded in research.

Evolutionary dating of the many studies that support how evolutionary psychology explains the mate selection process in humans is that of Buss and Barnes. Their research asked married couples how much importance they placed on certain characteristics when it came to choosing who they married. However, as consistent as these findings are in many other studies across different cultures, it is important to Evolutionary dating the limitations of these results, as well as other considerations involved in this theory.

We are living in a modern society where our needs are no longer as primitive as what our ancestors may have had in ancient times when they were still living in the wild.

Therefore, our Evolutionary dating needs and tendencies may be less likely to influence our present behavior and choices, especially in terms of mate selection. For instance, psychology professor Jerry M.

What evolutionary psychology explains is possibly more about attraction than about love. Although in many instances, attraction may very well be the spark that first ignites the possibility for a deeper emotion to develop later down the road, the fact Evolutionary dating that mere attraction is not the same as love.

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And as many people would concur, attraction is definitely not the sole deciding factor in selecting the person to marry and have Evolutionary dating with. Additionally, what evolutionary psychology can explain when it comes to dating behavior and mate selection should not be used as basis to excuse Evolutionary dating such as infidelity in a relationship. "Evolutionary dating" it comes down to it, as humans, the true forces that move us to love the people we love and marry the people we marry are more than just instincts ingrained by the evolutionary process or inspired by any biological need.

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