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The show aired from July 7, [1] to December 4, The show began with eleven foreign men cast as "Representatives" and three South Korean hosts. The debate topics are presented by visiting South Korean guests.

Alberto abnormal summit wife sexual dysfunction discussion on world trends of was delayed from airing the prior week, and included guest writer Cho Seung-yeon who previously appeared on Episode The show's first two talks covered Interpol arrests of international fugitives and ambulance costs.

The first two talks were on Barack Obama's farewell address and policies pertaining to opting out of mandatory organ donation. The show started with a celebration of the Lunar New Year.

Cast played the " Arirang " on traditional Korean instruments - Tetto geomungoMazzucchelli gayageum and Burgos haegeum. Wang shared Spring Festival Northern Chinese dumplings with hidden jujubes for a special blessing. Broadcaster and comedian Kim Yong-man presented the main topic of liking well-made plans and package tours vs. The show started with discussion of their new studio set and some new year's changes for cast, including Wang's resolution to drop his K-drama watching to study harder to make up a failed test.

The "global side dish" topic was each country's image, reset or turning point from past to present. Talks included France's "broken social ladder" and decline after the Glorious Thirty and government corruption in Mexico. The weekly intern, Iran's Mohsen Shafiee, who previously appeared on Episode 96, joined the first talk on Trump's travel ban.

As a representative of one of the seven Muslim countries affected by it, he challenged US representative Tetto to debate. The first talk among representatives was the French presidential election, candidate's wives and what information the public has a right to know about a presidential family. The week's intern was Malaysia's Thamil Selvan, a Korean language student at Seoul National University, for a discussion of the assassination Alberto abnormal summit wife sexual dysfunction Kim Jong-nam in his country, and the nation's response to it.

Tetto brought up the assassination attempts on Fidel Castro and other talks included crimes committed abroad and which country had the right to prosecute, the home country of the perpetrator or the foreign one.

The cast first discussed the current employment season and some top jobs. Talks included Ko Young-tae and whistleblowers in the Choi Soon-sil case, Edward Snowden 's case, and whether more severe punishments would hinder reports of crimes. The first talk was a discussion of the 89th Academy Awards 's mix-up when the wrong winner was announced, the firing of the employee responsible, and an anecdote of host Jun's having once made a similar mistake. Talk included whether winners at the Oscars and other awards programs should make political speeches.

Tetto and Mazzucchelli were absent for the entire show; Wang was absent for the first half, due to the sensitive nature of the second talk for him as a Chinese representative, as the hosts explained. The first talk was the impeachment of Park Geun-hye and each countries' reactions to it. Ogi said it was reported as front page news in Japan, Johnson said it was reported as "Park Out" in the U.

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The second talk was the U. Tetto was absent again, and U. The show introduced a new segment, a "b-board chart" that would rank the cast's countries on various subjects; today's was air quality index and healthiest, with Italy placing number one in the later. The second topic was presented by Mondi, a controversial public broadcasting program that was abolished due to its racism and sexism; with further general discussion on the value of public broadcasting and stereotypes of each country.

The first topic was a "b-board" ranking of the cost of living and most expensive cities; a discussion of food, rent and living expenses in various cities including Seoul which ranked in the top ten. The second topic was presented by India's Lucky, the assaults on doctors and medical professionals treating patients and whether there should be stricter penalities and protection for public service workers.

The guests were actors Yoon Je-moon and Jung So-min who recently appeared in the film Dad Is Daughter [45] to discuss communication and relations betweens fathers and daughters. Cast discussed generational differences and personal experiences with their fathers.

The first talk was a comparison of flower festivals in each country. The "global side dish" talk was presented by Klabunde, a discussion of Germany's new "wage public disclosure Alberto abnormal summit wife sexual dysfunction starting in July, attempting to solve the gender pay gap and promote equal pay for equal work by mandating companies of Alberto abnormal summit wife sexual dysfunction employees to disclose salaries within the company.

For this episode representatives Loubert, Hussain and Ogi were replaced by four female interns: Eva Russiastudying to be a simultaneous interpreter for international conferences, has made trips to Korea since she was 6-years-old with her pianist mother, is married for three years; Ida Swedencame to live in Korea three years ago, likes horseback riding and described Sweden as beautiful, but boring, with only one club in her town; Natumi Japanfrom Kanazawathe "small Kyoto ", studying political science at Korea University, said she wishes Ogi would be more forward in debates on the show; and Olivia Francespeaks French, Chinese, Korean and English, Ewha Womans University PhD in international studies, went to northern Alberto abnormal summit wife sexual dysfunction on a Princeton scholarship and taught at a small university there for a year, currently works as a lecturer on French culture at the Korea National Diplomatic Academy, and has a month-old baby with her husband she met in Korea eight years prior.

Ogi, who was busy with a new job, was replaced for this show with Japanese female intern Hasegawa Natsuko from Tochigia Korea University Korean language and literature student. And Swedish intern Ida was present for a second time also on Ep. The first talk was a "b-board" rating of the world's best airports. Talk included Incheon International Airport at third place, having dropped from second the prior year; Tetto mentioned its cultural attractions and jjimjilbang and Mondi its fast check-in. Cast discussed their own problems with 63rd ranked John F.

Kennedy International Airport ; Klabunde missed his flight due to lengthy immigration questioning, and host Yoo joked about his encounter when arriving for filming of Where Is My Friend's Home. The first topic was the upcoming South Korean presidential election, and elections in other countries, including voting methods, like Japan's handwritten ballots and France's handwritten ballots in envelopes. The first topic was the pessimistic index for each country, with South Korea rated third, and a discussion of its Asian Dustcivil defense and unemployment problems.

The first talk was a ranking of students' satisfaction by country; including discussion about homework, parents contributions and foods they eat. The first topic, presented by Ogi, was the negative aspect of insurance company policies in Japan, their profit making and the insured's anxiety.

Talk included kidnap and ransom insurance and the insurance dispute over the Collapse of the World Trade Center. The global rating topic was about products made in each members' country and the impact on national image, including an assessment of Korean products. The first topic discussed the ranking of world leaders, with South Korea's Moon Jae-in coming in seventh place, the first time the country placed in the top ten. The cast also praised his handsome appearance.

The first talk was smartphone average usage time, with China placing second behind number one's Brazil with an average of 4 hours and 48 minutesand South Korea placing sixth. Unconventional phone usage, such as paying for street food in China, was mentioned. He said that while filming movies that transcended countries, ethnicities and cultures, he began to think that even though the languages are different that communication and understanding were possible.

The first talk was top tourist destinations ranked in ; Hamburg was tenth, preceded by DetroitTijuana and the Grand Teton National Park.

The entire Canadian province was first and Patry recommended Tadoussac and talked about the th anniversary of Canada. The show started with a new segment that would examine global events and incidents, starting with accidents involving transportion.

Talks included the Bahawalpur explosiona Shanghai woman who threw coins into a plane's engine for luck, and general stories from members about incidents they had. Mondi was absent for this Alberto abnormal summit wife sexual dysfunction. Two visiting interns joined the episode's single discussion, with Mondi absent again: Yemen "Alberto abnormal summit wife sexual dysfunction" year-old Suhella, a Seoul University political science major who hopes to work for an international NGO in the future, and Nairobi Kenya's Phillys, a Sookmyung Women's University international business management program student, whose brother John appeared on Episode Two interns were present for the entire show.

Italy's Stefania, also from Venice, replaced Mondi; an international business graduate student who studied many languages when young and liked Korean most. Great Britain's Aancod travels around the world playing music and having a good time. The first talk was a rating segment on the world's best museums and most attended. Members of the top ten rankings introduced their history and experiences with a friendly competition and talks included unique museums, like the Paris Sewer Museum.

The first topic was a list of consumer boycotts based on the faults of the owners of the companies and pros and cons of supporting them. The week's intern, KhabarovskRussia 's Ina joined the main talk. She was born in communist Soviet Union and moved to South Korea at age eighteen when her father was sent there for work; finished graduate school, has been married for nine years, and has a daughter.

On the topic of extreme weather and South Korea's heat, Lucky said people assumed because he was from India he was not warm, but he said that South Korea was more humid.

Kim added that the discomfort level has also been high. The first talk concerned pets and which countries raise the largest number. Talks included good deeds like President Moon's adoption of Tory and controversies like Justin Bieber 's abandonment of his pet monkey in Germany.

The show had one main topic about world literature with guest, best-selling author, Kim Young-ha and two interns; Hussain was absent.

Lee explained the current conflict between North Korea and the U. The first talk was the regulation of fake newspresented by Klabunde due to a recent German law set to fine illegal content, if not removed in twenty-four hours. The cast debated legal punishment and sanctions of SNS posts and false news; and Alberto abnormal summit wife sexual dysfunction each countries countermeasures and internet ethics education programs.

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