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Amen break pattern dating


If you had to name the most influential drummer in contemporary music, who would you pick?

Step 1: The Amen break...

Coleman was the drummer in a sixties soul band, The Winstons. Breakbeat Lenny included it in Amen break pattern dating first volume of Ultimate Breaks and Beats. Since then, the break has become ubiquitous not just in hip-hop, but everywhere.

Casual music listeners have probably heard it in dozens if not hundreds of recordings. As is so often the case in sample history, GC Coleman never got a dime from any of these uses beyond his union scale for the original recording session.


Wikipedia has handy drum notation and drum machine tablature for the break. I transcribed the break in Noteflight.

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The usual reference for the Amen break is this twenty-minute video by Nate Harrison. What the heck is he saying in the chorus, anyway?

Luke Vibert did an album under the pseudonym Amen Andrews where just about every song uses a variation on the Amen break.

Many, many more examples can be found on the Amen Break Database and Whosampled. Do you believe that sampling is stealing?