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Before he was president of Central America he was the head of state of Honduras. He enacted liberal reforms in the new Federal Republic of Central Americaincluding freedom of the pressfreedom of speech and freedom of religion. These reforms made him some powerful enemies, and his period of rule was marked by bitter infighting between liberals and conservatives. This was exploited Justo sierra biografia corta yahoo dating the conservative leaders, who rallied around the leadership of Rafael Carrera and n order to protect their own interests, ended up dividing Central America into five nations.

Eusebio placed his son under the tutorship of Leon Vasquez who taught him civil lawcriminal procedure and Notaries. Francisco now had access to a library where he learned French, which in turn, allowed Justo sierra biografia corta yahoo dating to familiarize himself with the works of Montesquieuthe social contract of Jean-Jacques Rousseauthe French Revolutionthe history of Europeas well as the biographies of the Greek and Roman leaders.

This dedication and spirit of improvement took Francisco to occasionally excel in his hometown, where he even represented the interest of some people before the colonial courts. Lastiri belonged to one of the wealthiest families in province of Honduras. Her father was the Spanish trader Juan Miguel Lastiri, who played an important part in the commercial development of Tegucigalpa.

Her mother was Margarita Lozano, member of a powerful Creole family in the city. Upon his death, she inherited a fortune. He died in at age He died in Tegucigalpa in He worked at Tegucigalpa's City Hall as deputy mayor and public defender in civil and criminal court cases. Such activities allowed him to acquire a great knowledge of the structure and operation of the public administration of the province. This job also allowed him to get in close contact with Justo sierra biografia corta yahoo dating problems of post-colonial society.

In Novembershortly after the Captaincy had declared its independence from Spain, a group of dignitaries and politicians known as the 'Interim Advisory Board' sat in Guatemala City in the process of organizing a government to succeed Spanish colonial rule.

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The members of the Interim Advisory Board, after reviewing the issue, stated they were not empowered nor deputized to decide on this matter, but suggested forums be held in different cities to hear the views of the people, and thus explore their willingness to go forward with the proposal. The question of annexation to Mexico caused divisions within each of the provinces as some cities were in favor and others against.

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