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Please upload essays, bibliography, articles, review, summaries, presentations, research papers, thesis proposal, case studies, coursework, creative writing, and any other study resources. To prepare students for future careers such as: Historical References 26 Oct 1 Dec. Bogdan Constantinovici, Economist Head Secretary: Doina Popescu Contact Phone: Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures Director: Department of Journalism and Communication Sciences Director: Translation and Interpreting III.

Introduction to Literary Theory Course code: BA Year of study: The study of literary theories.

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Fundamental concepts of poetry analysis. The poem as an ontological horizon. The analysis of narratives: Tale, story and act of narration. Instances and levels of communication. The narrative games and the text boundaries. Modern directions in literary analysis. New theories of the literary system and discourse analysis. Opening to art theory and media theories. Lucia Cifor Course objective: Familiarize participants with the fundamental concepts of the subject, as well as the principles and historical categories of the literary sciences.

Identity and characteristics of literary sciences. The historical sciences of literature or the classical paradigm of the literary study: The traditional sciences of literature literary criticism, literary history, literary theory and their relation. Literary Theory as a modern science. Stages in founding and laying down the specificity of the Literary Theory: The literary theory in the new epistemologic context created by the post modern sciences of literature and culture.

A new identity of the subject: Thorough study of the most frequent figures of speech and elements through which they get individualized. Integration of their analysis in the stylistic literary analysis; study of the convergence of all poetical meanings to a major meaning situated in a broad horizon of analysis. Study of figures of speech. Figures Mester de juglaria y mester de clerecia yahoo dating speech based on antinomy: Figures of speech based on contiguity: Figures of speech based on intensification I: Figures of speech based on intensification II: Figures of speech based on intensification III: Comparative Literature Course code: An overview of the classical and baroque ages.

The so-called irrational baroque always had the tendency to achieve classical performances. Classical, Attic, Apollinian, Neo-classical vs. Imitations, ideatic interferences, coincidences, originality, national specificity.

Euphuism in the Alexandrine, baroque, manneristic poetry; euphuism in the classical poetry. The model of classical tragedy.

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