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Radio prank my son is a heterosexual definition


Sorry, here's a YouTube link: Edgy dumb little internet kids must be jerking it furiously to this "revenge" that this guy got on a bully by having sex with his mom.

The oldest insult ever. Its on because most people are to tired to want to listen to music and want some background noise for traffic. And I'm ok with that. But I'm not ok with people being stupid enough to believe it. Because if they believe this garbage, then they probably believe lots of other shit that's not real, which means they have absolutely no critical thinking skills.

Which makes for a society full of idiots. So unless the radio host said that this was a mock call, they are helping contribute to the destruction if it society with this idiotic drivel. For instance pro wrestling fans know that wrestling is fake. Yet the wwf will never come out and say that. Again the reason these shows exist is to kill down time when people are tired.

Quite honestly, I could not make up anything so much used as an insult, that is so crkngy and disgusting at the same time than fucking someone's of your age mom. Like wtf, that's like at least years older than you, and the hell, she's probably all wrinlky and grumpy by the time your in any age. Omg, that was damn hilarious I can't believe someone would go that far if this isn't just a radio setup, and is actually real.

All of these type of things are fake. The whole week of radio is planned in one go. They can't afford to wing it and throw off their schedule. Wish we could get a legit AMA from Rob. I wasn't trying to be a dick. Nor am I saying I believe this. I just legitimately was wondering if there was definitive proof that this was fake. I've been provided an article saying that most of radio is Radio prank my son is a heterosexual definition, as well as some anecdotes that radio is consistently bullshit, which I don't disagree with.

I was asking for specific proof that this was faked. There is none, it seems, but that obviously doesn't mean that this was not faked, I was just wondering if there was specific proof coming from the people that were saying definitively, "this is fake.

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say every radio talk show should be assumed to be scripted until proven real. Radio is full of actors. One way to tell if they are or not is when they call up, if they ask for permission to put them on air, it's probably legit. If they Radio prank my son is a heterosexual definition go into the bit, it's staged. I think it's real. I'm judging by the bitterness in his voice.

If they're voice actors they're damn good. I worked as a radio co-host for a few years and we barely used actors. Mostly because they're expensive and they usually over acted. The best bits had real people with real feels.

the Chinese Fire Drill

I could be wrong but I vote real. Next you'll tell me that this is faketoo. I want to believe. Awesome story, but radio stations set up these stories. But hint is when the guy cusses and it's bleeped out. You can't predict that in real time.


Also, I heard this same story with other callers about 2 weeks ago around Cincinnati. I guess sister stations push their hit talk show ideas around. Either way, not real. Not saying it is true but most radio stations either broadcast on a delay or have the person call in before it airs and actually edit the conversation. Bleeping out swears does not mean anything. A delay dump will drop the buffered material, it's not like coming back afterward and editing beeps in place.

I saw this clip well over a month ago, though. Possible the one you heard was just trying to recreate this one?

Radio stations are often syndicated and will rebroadcast bits in other regions. And no radio station will ever do a live broadcast of a phone call. Any time you hear somebody being called on a radio station, it's "Radio prank my son is a heterosexual definition" so they can make sure to bleep out anything they need to before it hits the air.

Do you really not know how to send somebody a message in this day and age? Facebook is a thing. I find it funny even if it isn't. Had my laughs and I couldn't care less whether it was staged or not. I guess people still dont know that most radio skits are done by paid actors. If you listen tot he radio show long enough you will even start recognizing the same voices in the skits.

My local station does this bit. The first one got me, but after that the patterns were too obvious. They caller would always plug a local restaurant like this: The people are always well spoken and confident.

Two teachers at my high...

No one ever hangs up or gets mad, and they have new callers every day. Generally it sounds like an improv sketch, caller sets up the scenario and they always pitch the exact details to the other person. This way you get a more genuine sounding response and if they are decent comedians, they are also pretty good at improv. Not only is he pathetic but the revenge is totally lame if its in return for 'ruining my life'.

I mean he's in his late 30s now, meanwhile OP has had sex with a woman in her mid-late 50s. Sam wouldn't care that this guy screwed his mom, took pictures and ghosted her for the soul purpose of getting back at him? My guess would be Sam would have something to say about it.

And the guy saw pictures of the mom and then decided to put this plan together. Mom probably looked good. Hell was even said they screwed multiple times that night. If worst case was that Sam didn't care that much because he hates his mom now or something, well that's not much of a worst case.

Why would an adult care who his mom sleeps with? I mean, adults get that it happens, they might not want to talk about it, but it happens. Plus it appears that 'OP' didnt even tell anyone who counted, so wheres the Radio prank my son is a heterosexual definition Because they literally fucked your mom. Not that it actually happened because these calls are faked, but they literally fucked your mom.

That's where it belongs.

Want to add to the...

Nah, these callers who are cold call second date shows are fake. The callers are fake, the person they cold call is fake. It's all lightly scripted. Dick Clark created a staffing company back in the 70s that would get low budget actors some voice acting work. And later got people to sign a petition against airing prank calls on the radio without legit prior consent.

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