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Roy and felicity dating service


The main characters are still in a French class and wanting to go on a one-week trip to Paris but I changed the back story, took out, brought in, and replaced some characters. I honestly think this story will be times better, I hope all of you who have read the one before thinks so too.

I only wrote four chapters of the last story so I'm going to try to rewrite them and put them out within the month.

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I'm sorry for the inconvenience, hope you like this version! Felicity Smoak looks at her P. E Coach in horror at the thought of doing 50 push-ups, she can barely do five. She looks at the other students beside her on the track and they aren't even breaking a sweat, all of them have done 30 already. Most of them are Freshman though so they have the energy to blow, she's a Junior, however. So she's on the verge of Senioritis, not to mention she hasn't worked out a day in her life.

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Smoak did try to get out of P. Everyone around her is wearing sweats, t-shirt or a tank top with the school's logo on it. Not her though, she wasn't going to pay for those increasingly high prices for the school's uniform that she's only going to wear for one semester. She sticks out like a sore thumb but she doesn't care since she always does with her bright colored lips.

Still breathing heavily Felicity hears her coach yelling at her looking slightly annoyed. Oliver Queen speaks up and he jogs toward her while taking his football helmet off, she rolls Roy and felicity dating service eyes at just hearing his voice. She turns to see him and his football uniform covered in sweat and dirt. His dirty long blond hair sticks to his forehead from the sweat. She could see his muscles and broad shoulders through the padding.

He comes to stand in front of her laying down form with his pretty boy face and thinks out loud. He smirks at her comebacks while sitting on the bench near her and grabbing a water bottle. He's been that since junior year, this is his senior year. The two have known one another since they were little and even then Roy and felicity dating service always bickered and disliked each other, everyone, who knows them knows the two have always bumped heads.

It doesn't help that he grew up to be a playboy millionaire jock and she became a smartass computer geek. Looking around the field while taking sips from his drink Oliver points out "Roy and felicity dating service." You should have seen me, I was so heartbroken. They were so perfect-". Felicity spits out completely annoyed, she seems to always be when Oliver's around.

Cooper Seldon is the Kicker for their Varsity football team. He's tall, just as fit as Oliver with brown longish hair and a charming smile. The two have been dating for a few months but he broke up with her two weeks ago for no apparent reason.

Rumor is it he's hooking up with Helena Bertinelli, a senior cheerleader but Felicity doubts it since she's the bitchiest bitch this school has seen. Oliver looks at something in the distance before blurting out. Felicity turns her head and her mouth drops at the sight she sees.

Cooper is near where the cheer team is practicing while sucking Helena's face off with his lips. Oliver looks at the two making out then back at Felicity realizing she didn't know. Queen then hears his coach yell for him to come back and says to Smoak while walking away. Felicity growls before flipping him off and getting into position to do more pushups. Everyone in her class is now on jumping jacks since they Roy and felicity dating service finished their pushups.

She watches as Cooper gives Helena one last kiss before running back to his team. This is unbelievable, two weeks and he's already with another girl.

Is this the end of...

Maybe Oliver was right, maybe they been seeing each other while they were dating. Even though they only dated for a few months and it was nothing serious it still stung that he moved on that quickly. She gets out of her thoughts when her coach yells.

Felicity says in a quiet voice as she and Barry Allen walk to their lunch table. Barry's a junior like her but is in Track and Cross Country while she is nothing. He's skinny but fit with brown hair and a dorky expression. The two have been friends since freshman year, they Roy and felicity dating service stayed friends this long since they are both grade freaks.

With Oliver, whose rejection was...

They need to have the highest grades in the class. Lyla smiles shyly at the sight of them and blurts out loud. Felicity asks innocently as she and Barry sit down. Lyla, John, and Ray all look at each Roy and felicity dating service nervously before looking back at her. Lyla is a junior playing for the girl's varsity basketball team. She's curvy with short brown hair, she's just as tall as Felicity.

She's been dating John for a year now and there are no signs of them breaking their dating streak. Diggle looks at something a couple tables down before saying calmly. Felicity looks at the guys in disbelief, she literally found out they are hooking up a few class periods ago and now she's finding out it's more serious than that. This is Diggle and Ray's last year in Starling high not to mention their last year playing for the varsity football team.

So they probably heard about them dating when everyone in football was in the locker room. Diggle is black with a buff body and tall figure, he always looks like he's thinking about something serious. Ray's as white as they come with brown hair and a magazine smile.

Roy and felicity dating service fit as anyone can be in football and is just a smart as her and that's saying something. Smoak then lets out a breath and shrugs like this new information doesn't faze her. Felicity agrees too quickly for it to be completely true, after a few moments she turns her head to the sound a someone's high pitched laugh.

Felicity clenches her fist at the sight of those two sitting so close. Oliver has a Lance sister on each side of him, they are practically hanging on every word he says. Laurel is a senior and the captain of the cheer team, she's the girl next door for every guy. Roy and felicity dating service sister, Sara, is a junior cheerleader and is the party hard or don't come at all kind of girl.

Laurel catches Felicity looking at their table and glares before whispering something to Sara that causes her to also glare Smoak's way. Turning back around to face her table Felicity growls, the Lance sisters never liked her and to be honest she didn't know why. To be fair they didn't like anyone outside of their group either. Tommy and Shado are sitting side by side arm wrestling like a bunch kids. Tommy and Shado are both Seniors this year, they have been good friends with Oliver since they were kids.

Tommy plays football with Queen and Shado's on the girl's varsity Basketball team with Lyla.

Shado's Chinese so her skin is clear and tan, she has long thick black hair and she's muscular but thin. Tommy is just like Oliver beside being whiter and having black hair. He's built like a football player and has wide shoulders, not to mention has the playboy look going for him. Glancing at the table one more time Felicity turns and sees her friends giving her a pity look making her sigh and blurt out loud.

Lyla and Diggle both send each other a look before continuing to eat their food. Ray looks consideringly at Felicity before doing the same. Barry watches the table with Cooper, Helena, and Oliver before shaking his head and looks back down at his food.

None of them liked Felicity's situation, to make things worse she's not doing anything about it. She's just letting Cooper get "Roy and felicity dating service" with being a crappy Roy and felicity dating service. They all wanted to see Felicity come out on top of the breakup.

Lord knows Felicity wants that but how to show it is the real question.

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