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The latest news on GB stamps from Norvic Philatelics. The single stamp is SBP2u.

I brought the following new value stamps on Tuesday 20th March in various PO's in my local area. There are some of the five new values being offered on eBay as DLR printings - can we assume this is a misdescription? I'll go with misdescription rather than deception, considering he is showing W cylinder blocks but describing them as DLR printings. The first stocks of these are now starting to arrive after Royal Mail's snow-enforced shut-down last week.

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All these are all actual stamps so you can see that the year code is M18L as expected. Posted by Ian - Norvic at Anonymous 21 March at Brian M 23 March at Trelantis Internet dating statistics 2019 uk definitive stamps March at Ian - Norvic 26 March at Newer Post Older Post Home. News about British stamps - welcome to Norvic Philatelics' blog News as we get it relies on what I find and what other people find, so please send your news!

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Contributors Ian - Norvic John Billings. Tariff FDCs stamps quite different Two reminders for customers Royal Mail Unadopted Christmas Stamp found used Campaign against pen-cancels - if you care, join n Website and checklist update - at last New Postage Rate stamps 20 March Labels or try the search box at top left programme programme programme Programme programme 2 airmail 18 bulk Mail 2 business sheets 80 catalogue 16 coil stamps 31 computer postage country definitives 45 early release 17 england 19 Enschede 11 error 85 first day cover 60 forgery 9 generic sheet 42 horizon label 44 hytech 13 inset phosphor 12 M11L 20 M12L 20 M13L 16 M14L 18 M15L 15 M16L 15 M17L 16 MA10 37 MA11 13 ma12 11 ma13 35 MA14 11 MA15 7 MA16 1 Machin Machin 50 18 machin definitive miniature sheet MPIL 11 MRIL 6 MTIL 4 NCR 24 northern ireland stamps 17 philatelic bureau 8 philatelic counters 8 post and go postage rates 20 postal forgery 11 postal history 10 postmarks 20 PPI 10 prestige stamp booklet 99 retail booklets rolls 12 Scotland 30 security stamps self-service 18 slogan postmark smilers sheets 49 special delivery 29 special Internet dating statistics 2019 uk definitive stamps special stamps variety 21 wales Internet dating statistics 2019 uk definitive stamps of a letter writer, stamp user and occasional Postcrosser Virtual Stamp Club website mostly US Stampboards - free forum, no ads, read the rules!

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The Green Album — which runs through February 3, at the National Trevor Pateman's Philately Blog. Stan Lee - Stan Lee, the American comic book writer, editor, producer and publisher died on 12th November aged He was the editor-in-chief of Marvel Comics, and Stamps through storytelling from StampNinja.

World War I on Stamps: The result was around 20 million deaths military and civil Stamp Collecting Blog subscription.

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As always with packages described like this, the contents was actually mixture of oriental stamp UK Stamp Fair reviews and other philatelic matters. Stafford Stamp Show, NovemberStaffordshire County Showground - My wife and I went again to the Stafford Stamp Show - it remains an impressive event with many dealers offering a great range of material.

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