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See end of this file for all of our many History files Bermuda's Royal Gazette newspaper is not published on Sundays or Public Holidays.

Political interference has been implied in the fateful decision for Parliament to proceed after demonstrators blocked the gates leading to the House of Assembly on December 2. Parliament had been cancelled at the behest of Randy Horton, the Speaker of the House, who later told police that the session was to start at 1pm, according to the peer review of police actions released this week.

David Burt, the Leader of the Opposition, said it was the first disclosure he had seen that Parliament had been initially called off. The Royal Gazette attempted to contact Mr Horton yesterday for clarification on the decisions made on December 2, but was unsuccessful. The Police Commissioner confirmed as much by stating at the time that no order came from the Governor, or the Speaker, or the Premier. Along with the BPS investigation into allegations of criminal conduct by some protesters, complaints from the public against Edmond hyundai dating game commercial officers are being investigated, with a third issue being the independent peer review of the police response Edmond hyundai dating game commercial the protests, prepared by a senior UK police officer.

The results of its review have yet to be announced. The peer review, released by the Governor on March 28, has come under query for its scant reference to incapacitant spray, but that item was said to be outside the remit of the National Police Coordination Centre in London. The Chief Justice told The Royal Gazette that the peremptory challenge rights of criminal defendants were important to the fairness of the jury-trial process.

They do not have to give any reason or explanation for their decision. Similarly, a defendant has the right to make three objections once a jury panel has been chosen.

He or she Edmond hyundai dating game commercial not have to provide the court with reasons. In England and Wales, the prosecution and defence have no such right to stand down jurors. Mr Justice Kawaley said: It is clearly consistent with principle for the prosecution to have the right to stand aside jurors.

The time taken to select juries in Edmond hyundai dating game commercial small community in multi-defendant cases is not, all things considered, excessive and I see no need for any reforms.

According to Rubis, the leak was detected in piping to a storage tank at the Ferry Road facility on Monday night. The release posed no disruption in supplies to customers and no immediate threat to workers or neighboring properties.

However, to help assure public safety, we are working with the Department of the Environment and Natural Resources to further assess how soil, air, and groundwater may have been affected and what additional clean-up actions are needed. Information on when the leak was reported to the Government was not provided. In a statement released earlier this week, the Minister said he had visited the site on Tuesday.

Mr Richards said that Rubis had a team of environmental specialists arriving to deal with any damage caused by the spill. A date and time for the stoppage was not provided.

Ms Outerbridge said she would be in the area this weekend speaking with constituents. The authorities did not have to go into lots of detail but they should have explained what happened and why the experts needed to be brought in. That would have gone a long way to reassuring neighbors and residents. On Wednesday, one area establishment told The Royal Gazette that they had been advised not to use their well, and to report any smell of gasoline. Yesterday, one Echo Lane resident confirmed that they had received a call informing them about the leak.

The bond will cover Edmond hyundai dating game commercial and its subsidiaries against losses from a range of US perils, including named storms, earthquakes, severe thunderstorms, volcanic eruption and meteorite impacts, according to the Artemis website.