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Dragoncon dating


This year, newly single, he decided to attend the Lightspeed dating event to meet like-minded women. Here is his account of the romantic, nerdy meetup. "Dragoncon dating" getting one of the last cards to get into this rare event, I was seated in a circle of chairs surrounding another circle of lovely ladies from the con. Fairies, pirates and super heroines abounded. The rules were simple: One minute per girl, one conversation at Dragoncon dating time.

While the organizers prepared for the event, I immediately sized up my competition. Dragoncon dating were Stormtroopers, Time Lords, and participants that fell into many categories throughout the geek spectrum.

I had to work quickly, as the ladies were already eyeing the circle for other potential matches. I felt the women were doing the same thing I was - they were looking for a possible match that spoke to their passions by what genre of fandom they were representing. I heard similar questions around me from the ladies to the men.

Immediately I recognized something very interesting was occurring. Questions to potential Dragoncon dating from both sexes were Dragoncon dating the typical questions you would expect to hear outside of geekdom. There were no blatant questions on politics or employment. It seemed more of an exchange to see how large your imagination was and if you could play well with others. Every minute, the organizers announced the men were to "Dragoncon dating" to their right and engage in conversation with the next woman seated in front of them.

“Convexion is the first dating...

I found myself speaking with potential dates of various ages and interests. I was more Dr. The time flew by and before I knew it, I had talked to twenty-five women in twenty-five minutes that I probably would not have spoken to anywhere else. A break was announced for water and a chance to collect yourself for the next round of exchanges. Most people continued to speak with one another, not wanting to waste valuable time - a charged energy could be felt through the room.

The happy couple spoke of how Lightspeed Dating had given them the chance to find one another, giving hope to everyone looking for their own special geek in this very room.

During the interlude, I observed a competitor taking a glass of water to a woman I was very interested in. From my Dragoncon dating I removed a poker chip that had my name and phone number written on it. I told the woman in question I only had four and I was giving her my first one for a chance to gamble at love.

Her face lit up and it seemed I had gained her attention once again. We spoke a bit more before the next round started. I could see she had written my information on her card and I let her see I had written her information on mine. Odds were, we would be speaking again soon. Throughout the event, one truth was becoming Dragoncon dating evident to me: This room full of colorfully clad people Dragoncon dating to make a Dragoncon dating with one another that transcended the everyday Dragoncon dating of life and extended into the realm of make believe and fantasy.

Everyone here was looking for a friend, a partner, and a fellow traveler Dragoncon dating the multi-verses of geekdom.

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