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Oct 15,AM; Software: Jesus Christ Superstar; Reading: Lelouch of the Rebellion; Playing: So about a week ago I emailed a youtuber who goes by CDawgVA and he does Sebastian impressions, but he prank calls random stores and he also calls. Jesus Christ Superstar Reading: Lelouch of the Rebellion Playing: Sims 3 So about a week ago I emailed a youtuber who goes by CDawgVA and he does Sebastian impressions, but he prank calls random stores and he also calls fans. Well I signed up through email for him to call me.

And I asked for Sebastian to call me and we set up a time together and stuff. Well I got the phone call today at about 5pm. Dating simulation games deviantart muro only from Sebastian but Ciel talked as well. We talked about OTP's, Pets, and things like that!

It was hilarious and literally the highlight of my life! AND the best phone call I've ever had in my entire life!!! No one will ever be able to beat that unless they call me as Levi and Eren, and even that would be pretty much a tie with this one!! Here is a link to my brother's facebook post sense he recorded it on his phone. I was just really shy, Sebastian was "Dating simulation games deviantart muro" first ever anime guy attraction.

XD Oh and they thought I was a girl due to my girly voice.

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So without further ado here is the link to the Facebook Video: Sebastianisl1fe Featured By Owner Oct 19, Ive tried so many times to email but it just fails and im so upset, but im. Lulz, well maybe you should do silly Levi prank calls like that on youtube.

That sounds awesomely fun lol I Dating simulation games deviantart muro know if girly voice or squeaky puberty voice would be worse for something cool like this tho. I'm about halfway to where my top-out dose of T will be and I have the squeaks something fierce.

I loved it too much! I'd rather have a squeaky puberty voice. Dating simulation games deviantart muro one of the biggest things I'm looking forward to for when I start taking my T. Still trying to save up for it Lulz, I've never even heard any animes ever visit web page.

I only watch subbed so hearing this dubbed version of Sebastian was pretty hardcore. But I liked it! Only problem is that some doctors wont prescribe it but its def.

I hope you will be able to start sooner than later, it was a complete life changer! Most are god awful. XD I have the money for that, I just have to get someone to bring to duh place. I'll explain the breakdown at Dating simulation games deviantart muro end. Sucks when my anxieties get in the way of me getting my license. Click here to continue to DeviantArt Deviant Art. The distribution that I am working with is a pyramid. I'd hate having to watch dubs all the time Its been a while huh?

Soooo i guess i know owe you all an update and a sorry fir disappearing So first I will give you all a reason as to why the hell I haven't been on.

DeviantArt is the world's largest...

BUT also I moved. I used to live in "Dating simulation games deviantart muro" right? Well June 1st I moved out of my parents' houses and moved down to Missouri with my boyfriend and our room mate. I also have my doggo and Eren boyfriend has his cat. About a month ago we moved into an apartment together finally ughh we are still unpacking. One really hard part is I am currently jobless I have applied all over the area and have been totally rejected every time So thats a sad part.

But my room mate works at th. This will be my second this web page attending this con. I don't know exactly what the full cosplay line up will be but I believe Saturday is the cosplay contest and I will be in that with the cosplay group I am in, we are going to be a Disney Villain group and I will be Scar from The Lion King. My friend will be Maleficent, her boyfriend is going to be Captain Hook, and her mom will be either Ursula or The Queen Of Hearts, and then I think her little sister is just Dating simulation games deviantart muro Bell for the fun of it.

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