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Puerto rican girls vs mexican girls dating


White Girls Emotional Confusion. I need some advice concerning interracial dating. I would like to provide a brief dating history, along with some family background of both myself, and the women I've dated.

I feel this is relevant to the problem I am currently having. I live in San Antonio, TX. My mother's grandparents were immigrants from France, Holland, and England. My father's grandparents were immigrants from Sweden, mostly. When I was nineteen and in Puerto rican girls vs mexican girls dating, I started dating a younger girl I'll call her Jessica.

Jessica's grandparents were both immigrants from Mexico. When that relationship ended, I started dating a girl I'll call her Linda who was a freshman in college. Her whole family was from Ecuador, but her father died tragically, and her mother remarried an American, so they all moved here. Her father's parents were from Spain, and England. I think that Linda's mother was a native of Ecuador. A year ago, I broke up with Linda, because I realized that I had serious feelings for another girl.

I'll call her Tina. Tina is a very cute blonde girl with blue eyes. I think it's safe to say that her family is from Northern Europe. Unfortunately, that relationship never got off the ground. Since then I dated two other girls, but only briefly. One white chick, and another chick from Puerto Rico. I have noticed that every one of my relationships with women who had some kind of Latin heritage were very sexually charged. But most of the few relationships that I have had with white girls, while fleeting, still seemed to be much more emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually deep.

This fact leads me to question if I am lacking some fundamental communication or social skill to hook up with white women. I'm sorry to be crass here, or whatever, but that's basically what my problem seems to come down to.

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