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Especially editing of user comment and artist author is supported by using the last entered or predefined values.

The program also supports various RAW formats. In order to display the images, the Microsoft Camera Codec Pack needs to be installed additionally http: The properties can be viewed and modified without the codec package. Further processing of the images e.

The formats supported by exiv2 are documented here: Easily create CHM Help documents. An installation in the usual sense is not necessary. The zip file can be unpacked into any directory on your computer. During the first Helpndoc free alternative dating you will be asked for the language to be used and are offered the possibility, to check the availability of a new version automatically in the future.

When the program is started via command line, a folder- or filename can be passed as argument. Folders, images or videos can be opened via drag-and-drop. With some Browser also images from Internet can be opened via Drag-and-Drop. For this purpose they are downloaded into the folder "Downloads". Free CHM Help documentation generator. The main mask and its usage are described in the following sections: Via the menu bar of the main mask, symbols see Tool bar and sometimes keyboard shortcuts see Keyboard shortcuts following masks with additional functionalities can be opened: Write eBooks for the Kindle.

Except for the picture all areas can be shown or hidden individually via the Mask "Adjust view". In the central input area fields for artist and comment can be individually enabled and hidden.

In one of these areas image details and map can be displayed. For more details see chapters Display of image details and Recording location on map. There is also the possibility of using the menu item "View - Image only and input fields" to hide all areas except the central input area. With selecting this menu item a second time the previous view is Helpndoc free alternative dating. The size of the different areas can be adjusted by moving the grey dividing lines, where for each area a minimum size cannot be exceeded.