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Adrienne maloof dating sean stewart

Sean was a guest on...

Sean was a guest on Brandi Glanville's podcast this week and she grilled him about everything from dating Adrienne to what their sex life was like. Brandi also touched on her issues with Adrienne and so much more, even sharing that she's going to be working with Make-A-Wish and doesn't believe in A. She even dishes on Adrienne's attempted take-down of Lisa Vanderpump.

Brandi asked Sean how the relationship came about. We're still friends, she's a sweet lady. I have nothing bad to say. He adds, "I do want to clear up one rumor, she never broke my heart.

I've only been in love once and I remain in love with Adrienne maloof dating sean stewart same girl.

I mean, that's what it said in the press and i wanted to clear it up. She has friends at TMZ and these places and puts her little things out there. Brandi goes in right away with "she likes Adrienne maloof dating sean stewart party, she drinks a lot. Sean "I've done enough drugs to kill Hollywood. Brandi gets back to Adrienne. How did they meet? Sean shares, "I think we met at a dinner party or something.

And then became friends and then things happened. Brandi asks who he is dating now. Sean then explains that he likes older women because they're more sexually experienced than younger ones. Sean then hits on Brandi the first of Adrienne maloof dating sean stewart "When I first met you I thought you were really hot.

We should go to dinner sometime. Brandi laughs "from one Housewife to another. Brandi brings up that he said nasty things about her on TMZ. Sean zings back that s did the same. She says, "I said you were too cute, I thought your relationship was a hoax, I didn't buy it. It didn't seem genuine to me. Sean chimes in that he bought Adrienne two Birkin bags. Brandi asks "how can you afford that? Getting back to sex, what's your favorite position?

Brandi then goes on about Adrienne again.

I think that we have some unresolved issues I don't think she's a bad person, i just hate the whole going to a tabloid with a big story to try to hurt me and my children. I don't like that. Fight fair, don't talk about my children when you've met them one time and don't bring them into an issue you're having with me.

Adrienne Maloof's former toyboy Sean...

It's not fair to involve all these tabloids. Even on twitter, anyone mentions my kids and i lose my shit. I love Adrienne's kids, they're all great. But when she did that…. I thought that was low and it's why I lost respect for her. Brandi asks Sean how his brother Ashley Hamilton is doing. Sean immediately asks if she slept with Ashley. She admits they did and shares that it was good. We slept together when i first moved out here. We went out for a little while. Talk turns to booty calls.

She says after she breaks up with someone, she'll go "that route" for a little while. She then proceeds to explain she's always had a super high sex drive.

Then we're back to Adrienne questions, of course. She says that she doesn't believe he and Adrienne ever had sex.

Adrienne Maloof's former toyboy Sean...

And then we discuss Sean's attractive family and then on to Brandi's nipples being hard. Some othr chatter happens. Brandi says "It gets me in a lot of trouble. Thinking before you speak is really difficult. I feel like we're all censoring ourselves too much now and everyone's bland.

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No one says what they're really thinking because of social media, Adrienne maloof dating sean stewart afraid of tabloid backlash and all this unimportant shit and we're all uninteresting people now. I was saying this to my producer Art, I said 'you know we have to be careful now'. Adrienne threatened to sue me because I said something that I shouldn't have said and I shouldn't have said it. I admit that but I feel like everyone goes straight to the lawyer now. We can't have a conversation and say 'you know what, I'm sorry!

I said that but you did say something shady about my kids with the tabloids, so it's like tit for tat and I'm really sorry'. Sean's friend Adam was along and asked Brandi to clarify Adrienne maloof dating sean stewart happened.

My fiance loves the show and she didn't understand either. Brandi explains"the drama actually started at the reunion when I told what she wanted to do. She wanted to meet up and go after Lisa and I'm not on anyone's team.

I just want to do me. I called her out on it and she wanted to get me back for it and sent these stories to the media about my children and that I'm drinking during the day Adrienne maloof dating sean stewart I'm like how would I get to school on time?

They talk about Sean's generosity and Brandi says she's the same way. She asks if Sean feels like people start to expect it? And she adds "I feel like i pick up the tab every time when I'm out with my girlfriends because they're all like working hard and it's harder for them right now but.

Sean then randomly chimes in about his work with the homeless kids in downtown L.

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