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Sexy air host


I have been flying so frequently. air hostess videos, free...

I took this snap coz i really hated flying the other day. Thats when i thought i heard the half time whistle: Probably i would have gone through and learnt reading the arabic news papers as well, if it were delayed any longer.

So i think one can guess, when the whistle went out at the end of full time i was flying some odd miles Sexy air host from my TV screen!

There is always silver lining. Elegance at the train station Air hostess on her way home from work, beneath Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam.

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I'm convinced she has someone waiting for her to come home. The "Sexy air host" taken from the John Sebastian song performed at Woodstock, even if my childhood memory of the song is the live cover version sound clip by british heroes at that time Slade.

I'm not quite sure why I've paraphrased 10cc's hit single for the title, as these three 'air hostesses' are clearly from a much earlier - and better - era than the s. But it just seemed to fit Photos of some of the various uniforms worn by air hostess of the National Airways Corporation NAC between and I gave these two tnt head malib tans and put them Sexy air host japan malibu bodies.

I love their unique looks. Explore Trending More More. Related groups — airhostess View all 4. Airportnerds - "we few, we happy few": Cabin Crew In Engines.

No Plane Jane: Is this...

View all All Photos Tagged airhostess. Schiphol by Bas Bogers. Martinair by Bas Bogers. Martinair new by Bas Bogers. More images and items from my collection at my blogspot page: I know the air hostess by their name. I feel the distance by Bas Bogers. Sunny sunday by Bas Bogers.

She's got big thoughts, big dreams, and a big brown Mercedes sedan Here's a full color photo with the rest of her crew mates: Preparing for take-off by Andrea Jane Hayworth.

Looking my prettiest for the men in Business Class.

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