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Relationship dating titus institute


Seek to build friendships with others first before you focus on dating someone you are attracted to. This meets your human need for companionship and provides a solid foundation for any relationship with the opposite sex that might lead to marriage.

You should "spend time together" with a variety of friends, both male and female, although friendships with the opposite sex may be more casual. Enjoy the companionship and company of friends. Seek to do a variety of activities and experiences.

Find activities that you enjoy doing together with other people. Make sure that you have some solid friendships with those of the same sex with which you can share your concerns, struggles, failures, successes and victories.


It is important that you develop a network of at least a few good friends of the same sex and some casual friends of the opposite sex so you are not lonely and seeking "dating" as the primary way of meeting your need for companionship. If you are attracted to someone of the opposite sex, get to know him or her in a group setting and see if you develop a casual friendship.

Observe the kind of person he or she is and his or her commitment to Christ and commitment to living a righteous life. Also, Relationship dating titus institute below the surface to see how he or she responds to people and events.

Look for "relational flaws" rigidity, inflexibility, selfishness, dishonesty, anger, and the like that might show up or qualities that are "relational strengths" flexibility, honesty, sensitivity to others concerns, and the like. Ask others what they think of that person.

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