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This is me 1 Miss05sexy instagram and 8 months after my surgery! Listen to my journey and experiences on what went wrong, also watch my videos from previous times to see what happened. This video was taken last month It has been 21 months now since my operation. Pre and Post OP photos Miss05sexy instagram my double jaw surgery to correct a class 3 malocclusion underbite. The video shows photos of me before surgery and also the swelling pattern for the first 24 days after surgery.

Erin has jaw surgery. Watch the end to see the final result first. This video explains the potential facial, dental, airway and jaw joint effects of extracting teeth and having braces. An effect we term the Sydney Smile, as it is a facial appearance that is common in Sydney Australia.

The video was produced by Paul Coceancig of Profilo Sydney, Australiaand is Miss05sexy instagram general information purposes only.

Throwback Thursday, May 8, St....

Everyone has different surgical process, surgical conditions and surgical outcomes, and which should be discussed with your orthodontist or surgeon first. To find out more, Miss05sexy instagram us at: I'm now 2 years "Miss05sexy instagram" from my double jaw surgery and adult braces! If I could pass along 5 "pearls" of wisdom for your first 10 days post-op, these Miss05sexy instagram be it!

Do you want support on your jaw surgery journey? Head on over to www. I'd be happy to help you! Orthognathic surgery presented in this video in order of appearance. Maxillary Posterior Impaction To learn more about each individual surgery please check our other videos and our website.

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