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Anal chim acta 405 2019 297


Spectroscopic and computational evaluation of cadmium adsorption using activated carbon produced from rubber tires. Analysis of melatonin in dosage formulation by capillary electrophoresis. Precision in capillary electrophoresis. Analysis of metformin dosage formulations by capillary electrophoresis at nano scale detection. High Throughput Screening, Microchip-based nano chromatography and nano capillary electrophoresis in genomics and proteomics.

Analyses of chloramphenicol in biological samples by HPLC.

N.A. Ezerskaya, I.N. Kiseleva. J....

Hyphenation in sample preparation: Advancement from the micro to the nano world. Role of racemization in optically active drugs development.

Analysis of haloperidol and its metabolites in wastewater by using RP-TLC and solid phase extraction. Screening of domperidone in wastewater by high performance liquid chromatography and solid phase extraction methods. Fast screening of chloramphenicol in wastewater by high performance liquid chromatography and solid phase extraction methods.

Removal of arsenate from aqueous solution by electro-coagulation method using Al-Fe electrodes. Analysis of phenols in wastewater using capillary electrophoresis and solid phase extraction.

Removal of basic dye Auramine-O by ZnS: Cu nanoparticles loaded on activated carbon: Optimization of parameters using response surface methodology with central composite design. Comprehensive study from synthesis to surface properties. Green synthesis of silver nanoparticles using seed extract of Calendula officinalis in liquid phase. An excellent adsorbent for the removal of arsenic from aqueous solutions.

Carbosilane dendrimers with end-grafted silacrown-and crown-ether units. Tri ethylene glycol -and poly ethylene glycol ether end-grafted carbosiloxane and carbosilane dendrimers: Synthesis and reaction behavior. Dimensional stability, biological resistance, flammability and thermoacoustic characteristics. Effect of functionalized lignin on the properties of lignin-isocyanate prepolymer blends and composites. Surface characterization of dinitrophenyl-diaminophenyl nanoplatform on glassy carbon.

Electrochemical sensors and biosensors. A dysprosium III selective fluorimetric bulk Anal chim acta 405 2019 297. A novel permanganate-sensitive fluorescent nano-chemosensor assembled with a new 8-hydroxyquinoline-functionalized SBA Adsorption of copper II using modified activated carbon prepared from Pomegranate wood: Optimization by bee algorithm and response surface methodology.

Modeling of competitive ultrasonic assisted removal of the dyes-Methylene blue and Safranin-O using Fe 3 O 4 nanoparticles. Simultaneous determination of adenosine and inosine using single-wall carbon nanotubes modified pyrolytic graphite electrode. Anal chim acta 405 2019 297 wave voltammetric determination of diclofenac in liquid phase using a novel ionic liquid multiwall carbon nanotubes paste electrode.

I. Lavilla, B. Pe´rez-Cid and...

Sensors for 5-hydroxytryptamine and 5-hydroxyindole acetic acid based on nanomaterial modified electrodes. Fullerene-C modified electrode as a sensitive voltammetric sensor for detection of nandrolone-an anabolic steroid used in doping. A sensitive voltammetric sensor for determination of synthetic corticosteroid triamcinolone, abused for doping. Fullerene-Cmodified edge plane pyrolytic graphite electrode for the determination of dexamethasone in pharmaceutical formulations and human biological fluids.

Electrochemical investigations of corticosteroid isomers-testosterone and epitestosterone and their simultaneous determination in human urine. Voltammetric biosensors for the determination of paracetamol at carbon nanotube modified pyrolytic graphite electrode. Voltammetric determination of uric acid at a fullerene-Cmodified glassy carbon electrode.

Differential pulse voltammetric determination of paracetamol at nanogold modified indium tin oxide electrode. Differential pulse voltammetric determination of atenolol in pharmaceutical formulations and urine using nanogold modified indium tin oxide electrode. Gold nanoparticles modified indium tin oxide electrode for the simultaneous determination of dopamine and serotonin: Application in pharmaceutical formulations and biological fluids.

Voltammetric determination of Anal chim acta 405 2019 297 and guanosine using fullerene-C 60 -modified glassy carbon electrode. A copper-selective electrode based on bis acetylacetone propylenediimine. Biosorption of hexavalent chromium by raw and acid-treated green alga Oedogonium hatei from aqueous solutions.

Cadmium removal and recovery from aqueous solutions by novel adsorbents prepared from orange peel and Fe 2 O 3 nanoparticles. Biosorption of lead from aqueous solutions by green algae Spirogyra species: Kinetics and equilibrium studies. Biosorption of lead II from aqueous solutions by non-living algal biomass Oedogonium sp. Equilibrium and kinetic modelling of cadmium II biosorption by nonliving algal biomass Oedogonium sp.

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