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Dating website tactics that need to be retired


Okay, so you had some reservations, but you finally decide to try this online dating thing. You find a site that offers free membership so you can browse for possible dates without paying up front. Wow we live close, are you are up for meeting people near where you live?

Fair enough, you think, the site has to make money somehow.

You send replies back to each person who showed an interest in you… and then you wait… and wait… and wait…. The FTC asked this same question when people started complaining about their experiences on dating sites owned and operated by JDI Dating. Within minutes of signing up, new members received personalized messages from what appeared to be real people. They were generated by JDI and set to send messages at specific times.

Boomers have plenty of fabulous...

Even worse, according to the FTC complaintdisappointed members were often unknowingly charged again to keep their subscription current. Some users who tried to cancel their membership had trouble doing so. If you have a complaint about an online dating site, report it at ftc.

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Match makes it extremely hard to stop a subscription, but when I threatened to report them to my police department and Better Business Bureau, they promptly unsubscribed me.

This form sets in motion a dating service series of calls about elite dating They won't leave you alone until you come in Once there they begin telling you they have the perfect match The first form you fill tells them your net worth Then they want Dating website tactics that need to be retired to start matching you with these perfect men They won't let you leave without telling you how pathetic your life will be if you walk out without giving them something Luckily my bank questioned the multiple charges they attempted on my card that they were using as verification of my identify Then dialed the number for me, pushed numbers left and right trying to clear these issues I immediately pressed a wrong button and headed down stairs where my bank happened to be I told them what was happening, and Dating website tactics that need to be retired cancelled my card immediately These people are sharp and their tactics cunning They will take every dime you give them access to Now please do something about the matchmaking companies that exhort even larger fees and monthly payments from unsuspecting folks and refuse to let you out of a contract for making false promises and no intention to match you with a date.

These companies change their names after they get too many complaints and pay off better business bureau to make them selves look legitimate. Losing the money,being scammed is bad enough but there's more at stake here. Friends are on dating sites and are getting real responses left and right and you're getting nothing. What do you think this does to one's self esteem? What's wrong with you that no one wants to talk to you? I know that this is not what the FTC is about, but damage is damage be it financial or emotional and I just wanted to point out that these dating companies do much harm.

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