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I left my love lyrics


Discussion in ' The Ladies Tea ' started by donnaOct 18, Log in or I left my love lyrics up. American Civil War Forums. Become a member today for full access to all of our resources, it's fast, simple, and absolutely free! Support this site with a monthly or yearly subscription!

Active Patrons get to browse the site Ad free! May 12, Messages: Now Florida but always a Kentuckian. It was written by Stan Jones for the movie. He actually played US Grant in the movie. I left my love, my love I left a sleepin' in her bed.

I turned my back on my true love when fightin' Johnny Reb. I left my love a letter in the hollar of a tree. I told her she would find me, in the US Cavalry. Down they go, there's so such word as can't. We're riding down to hell and back for Ulysses Simpson Grant. Hi-Yo Down they go, there's so such word as can't. I left my love, my love a sleepin' in her bed. Stan Jones was born in in Arizona. He was an American songwriter and actor.

He first wrote for the Disney Studios. He also was in several Westerns on TV. He died in Los Angeles I left my love lyrics Inhe was posthumously inducted into the Western Music Hall of Fame.

Feb 3, Messages: Donna, Thanks for that. Jones' lyrics capture the idiom of the time it seems to me. Also the guys singing weren't just extras on horseback. They were real singers!

M Anthony YoungOct 24, Micky There is great rousing rendition of the song on Your Tube. In the film, "The Searches, John Ford's classic and for some his best film, the opening credits portrayed in Playbill fort face are displayed before a backdrop of an adobe brick wall. This song defines the central theme of the film: What makes a man to roam?

I seem to have found...

What makes a man leave bed and board And turn his back on home? Ride away, Ride away, Ride away. This is one of my favorites. It is on you tube. The version I like is by the Sons of the Pioneer. Donna, Thanks a lot for the link to "I left my love". I had to wait until I got home to listen to it and it I left my love lyrics just as stirring as I remembered it. I very seldom use the computer at home but I enjoyed a lovely cruise around Youtube last night including the theme from "She Wore a Yellow Ribbon" and that part of the movie when the posse of troopers including the blacksmith try to remove Victor McLaglen as Quinncannon from the bar because he is "out of uniform".

It is so innocently funny but is one of I left my love lyrics favourite pieces of cinema in the tide of times. Also took the opportunity to revisit a clip involving a drum band from Switzerland called Top Secret at the Edinburgh Military Tattoo in If you get a chance have a look. They will blow your socks clean off you! Forgive me for straying from the thread's theme but I just thought I'd let you know.

M Anthony YoungOct 26, Micky Glad you could check out the link on songs. I will have to check out the group you mention. Then the smoke of battle hung, Its sulphrous cloud our land above, And bitter feud and hatred filled Brave hearts that should have warmed with Love. So sweet it seems at home once more To sit with those we hold most dear, And keep absence once again To keep the Merry Christmas here.

Aug 4, Messages: The Rhyme of the Border War: It's long, be warned: BorderruffianDec 13, I thought I would add to this thread as so many new folks on the forum. A great poem is "Charge of the Mule Brigade".

It is an anonymous poem penned by a Union soldier after the battle at Wauhatchie, Tennessee on the night of October 28, Some mules became terrified by the noisy battle and stampeded through the night I left my love lyrics the center of Lieutenant General Wade Hampton's southerners.

I left my love, my...

Deciding this was a cavalry attack, a good number of Hampton's troops panicked and fled. The first stanza is: Charge for the Rebs! Straight for the Georgia troops Broke the two hundred.

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