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Mutiny pagdating ng araw


With Mutiny pagdating ng araw effort, the Ilocanos turned out to be the first ethnic group outside Manila to rebel against the Spanish authority. In preparation to his unstoppable scheme, he transformed a certain part under his house into a secret dungeon with a repository of shackles. He intended to chain all Mutiny pagdating ng araw Spanish soldiers and friars in the dungeon and would not release them forever.

He was joined in his plot by Juan Magsanop, a leader from Bacarra, Bangui. To strengthen their scheme, Almazan suggested the marriage between his son and Magsanop's daughter. And so, they set it for the end of the month. They pledged their allegiance and full support to their newly installed king.

A frightened Spanish soldier rushed in and reported to the priest that a furious mob was causing the commotion. Ignoring the soldier, he went out of the church, only seeing himself caught up by the mob. He was beheaded after being attacked with knives.

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The next day, as nine friars, including Arias, were celebrating in Narvacan, for the suppression of a big group of Zambal fighters, another aggression erupted in northern Ilocos. Despite the looming danger, no amount of dissuasion by his peers prevented Arias from hurrying back to Bacarra.

Juan Boaya, one of the mutineers, agreed to help in the silent departure of Arias.

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