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Nardia boo doo dating


During that time she was part of a select group chosen to work with Stanton Welch on performing an original piece. While at the Academy Ms. While with The Washington Ballet, Ms. This is becoming tiresome. Yes I did a post about it. I found it despicable! Arenas is self hating,buck dancing coon!! Honestly, why did he even post something negative towards black women. At least I think he is. Either way he is irrelevant.

Nardia Boodoo is on Facebook....

I think a lot of our people male and female are still holding on to their hurt feelings when they "Nardia boo doo dating" kids, maybe because they made fun of or teased.

But he took self hatred to a new level! Im still reading your blog and Amos magazine. She blocked me claiming that i was a troll, and she has a post saying bhekezitha is anti black woman.

Idk I think she got caught up in the gender war. This is why you have to limit social media time. Either way I wish her the best, and hold no Ill will towards her.

Yeah I saw that she came down on Bhkezitha. She even states on her blog she is about black women ONLY and their issues. I think she is all against the promotion of black love.

Joffrey Academy dancers Nardia Boodoo...

Too bad since I liked a lot of her posts. I agree that you have limit the social media at times. Watching all the hatred spewed at black men and women can make you angry and bitter.

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