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Penang has plenty of must-see attractions that you should cover in your itinerary if you wish to experience Penang in a short space of time. In our list of Top 10 Things to Do in Penang, we Nice place for hookup in penang the unimportant sights, and instead focus on places that can be considered the essence of the island - so much so that to miss them would be as good as not having been to Penang in the first place. When handpicking selections for our list, we decided upon an interesting and eclectic mix of modern and quirky offerings, family-friendly amusement parks, and natural and cultural attractions, all of which are suitable for visitors of all ages.

Penang Hill, or Flagstaff Hill Bukit Bendera as it is officially known, rises metres above sea level, providing a welcome break from the heat below.

Shangri-La's Rasa Sayang Resort and...

The best way to reach the summit is to hop onboard the funicular train that travels all the way up in half an hour. Highlights at the peak include a pretty Hindu Nice place for hookup in penang, church, mosque and even a snake show where you can take photos with a tame python for a fee. Founded more than a hundred years ago, the complex is filled with beautifully-landscaped gardens and sacred temples.

Also found within the temple complex are the statues of The Four Heavenly Kings, guarding the four points of the compass - North, South, West and East - with the statue of The Laughing Buddha in the middle. The home of an influential Chinese industrialist in the early s, the award-winning Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion represents the best of 18th and 19th-century Chinese architecture.

Relying heavily on feng shui design, a team of master craftsmen from China took more than seven years to build the mansion, including its five granite courtyards, 38 rooms, seven staircases and 22 stained glass windows. Locals call it the Blue Mansion and it remains one of only three traditional Chinese mansions outside of China.

Guided tours take place at The few hours spent at Escape Adventureland Penang are likely to rank as some of the most thrilling and emotionally-charged moments of your life. After all, hurtling speedily through the open air, dozens of feet off the ground, is pretty memorable. A park specialising in zip-lining or, as Australians call it, flying foxesthere are other fun activities here including Nice place for hookup in penang free fall from a 20m jump platform, an inner-tube slide and tree rope swing.

While on vacation, parents can find it a little hard to keep the little ones entertained while simultaneously having a good time themselves. Geared towards families, with plenty of offerings to keep "Nice place for hookup in penang" of all ages occupied, it is home to more than 30 activities and is divided into three zones — the special features section, kids area and toddler sector with modular play equipment.

The major highlight for both kids and adults can be found at the special features section, where there are three slides — the first two Astra slide and double drop slide with ball pit exit are designed for children, but the third is a 24ft-high drop slide perfect for all ages.

The Made in Penang Interactive Museum really helps shake off pre-existing ideas of boring, outdated museums, instead offering visitors a fun, exciting way to view artwork with exhibits that have clever 3D imagery features.

For example, a portrait of the Penang Snake Temple, with a large 3D snake slithering out from the framework. A museum where getting involved is truly part of the fun, pictures range from historical images such as battleships being blown up by cannons, to elevators with iconic horror movie characters inside.

The trick is that artists have used different colours, textured contours and some props to create each unique photo. Built by the British army on top of Bukit Maung in the 20th century, the Penang War Museum is historically significant for its past. Used as a Japanese army base during WWII, tales of prisoners of war being tortured for information colour its walls.

As a result, the hill itself has earned a reputation among locals as being haunted — in fact, they shy away from climbing the hill after dark. Despite its sordid past, when it was turned into a museum nearly three decades laterrestoration works maintained its network of underground tunnels and ventilation shafts, making for a pretty cool complex to explore.

Within its ten-foot-high walls which are laid out in the shape of a staryou can see a 17th century chapel, some prison cells, ammunition storage area, and more. Named after Charles Cornwallis, the former Governor General of India, it was originally built entirely out of wood, but refurbishment over the years has led to Nice place for hookup in penang current concrete facade.

Also known as Dragon Mountain Hall, it represents good luck and wealth, with stone carvings that adorn the entrance hall and pavilions. Murals Nice place for hookup in penang birthdays, weddings and, most memorably, the 36 divine guardians sprinkle the interior. Overhead, massive paper lamps cast the clanhouse in an orange glow and stunning ceramic sculptures of immortals, carp fish and dragons dance across the roof ridges.

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