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Hook up two macs via firewire


Under certain circumstances, it may be necessary for you to connect your Mac directly to another Mac to backup or sync files using ChronoSync. Usually, one would only use a direct connection when a network is not available or if you need to achieve the highest possible file transfer speeds. This guide explains various methods to connect a Mac directly Hook up two macs via firewire another Mac.

If you are trying to synchronize or backup between two Macs, you only need to install ChronoSync on one of them. The other Mac can be accessed using a variety of techniques, as discussed below.

Aside from ChronoSync, no additional software will be required to follow these steps. If you want to realize the maximum potential of your connection, however, consider installing ChronoAgent on the other Mac.

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ChronoAgent synchronizes files fasterencrypts file transfers, and gives full administrative access to the Mac it is installed on. The first step is to establish the direct connection between the Macs. There are several options to choose from. The choice you make is often dictated by what ports you have available on your Macs and also what cabling is available to you.

This option will provide the slowest data transfer of all the options but it may be the most convenient. This is because all late model Macs include wireless hardware as do most older models. There's no need to worry about what ports you have or Hook up two macs via firewire cables you can find. The way this works is you create an ad-hoc Wi-Fi network on one Mac and then join that network on the other Mac. This does not require a Wi-Fi router or any cabling whatsoever.

Click on the "Network" panel and select "Wi-Fi" in the network connection services list. Now it's time to switch over to your ChronoSync Mac and make sure "Wi-Fi" is enabled by following the above steps. Do not create a network, however. Instead, you should see the name of the network you just created, above, and you'll want to select it. You have just created an ad-hoc network over the Wi-Fi connection between the two Macs. Here we present the most common wired connection options.

A wired connection between two Macs will provide much faster data transfers than a wireless connection. The problem is that your Macs might not have all — or any — wired interface ports available to it.

Even if your Macs do have the required ports, you will need "Hook up two macs via firewire" proper cable to connect them. In a pinch, you may not have the required cables laying around and running to the store to buy them may not be an option.

That is why a wired connection is typically not as convenient as wireless. Wired Ethernet on modern Macs will provide very fast file transfers — faster than FireWire but slower than Thunderbolt see below. On older Macs, Ethernet may not be faster than the FireWire option. To establish a connection, simply plug a standard Ethernet cable between the two Macs. Hook up two macs via firewire on the "Network" panel and select "Ethernet" in the network connection services list.

The screen should look something like the above. Note the self-assigned "IP Address. You have now created an ad-hoc network over the Ethernet cable between the two Macs. With the release of macOS "Mavericks" The Thunderbolt port looks like this:.

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A Thunderbolt connection will provide the fastest data transfer speeds you can achieve on your Macs — often much faster than your hard drives can keep up with. Older Macs do not have Thunderbolt ports. Similar to the Ethernet instructions Hook up two macs via firewire, just connect a ThunderBolt cable to the ThunderBolt ports on the computers you want to connect.

Click on the "Network" panel and select "Thunderbolt Bridge" in the network connection services list. You have now created an ad-hoc network over the ThunderBolt cable between the two Macs. You generally would not choose FireWire over Ethernet or Thunderbolt unless you have older Macs that have slower Ethernet or no Thunderbolt.

FireWire will still achieve transfer speeds faster than wireless, however. Just plug a FireWire cable in to the FireWire ports on the computers you want to connect like you would for Ethernet or Thunderbolt. Note that if one computer has a FireWire port and the other has FireWireyou will need an adaptor cable to make the connection. Click on the "Network" panel and select "FireWire" in the network connection services list.

However, you can use a USB to ethernet adapter on both Macs. You would only use this method if it was the only choice available.

If you power Hook up two macs via firewire one of the two computers while holding the 'T' key down, it will appear as a locally attached hard drive on the other Mac. We do not recommend using Target Disk Mode with ChronoSync because this method can lead to file permission changes that leave unexpected and potentially unusable results after syncing files. If you absolutely must use TDM, please contact our support team to discuss all the possible issues first.

Now that you have established a direct connection between your two Macs, the next step is to configure the Macs to share files.

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