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Is gingivitis curable yahoo dating


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Can you get rid of Periodontal Disease? I went to the dentist yesterday and I have Periodontal Disease most pockets are only 2 to 3 but I have a few 4's and 5's and one that they read as a I have had a lot of dental work done in my life broke 2 front teeth, root canel, the tooth became infected, I lost the front tooth and now this.

The only reason my dentist even checked was because I am having a Crown put on my front tooth. Can I get rid of this or am I going to lose another tooth I am to young to have 2 crowns. Are you sure you want Is gingivitis curable yahoo dating delete this answer? If Debs is truely a dental professional, I am shocked that she would think that you can get rid of periodontal disease. No you can not.

There is no cure for it. Once you have it you will always have it. You can maintain it and keep it from progressing usually. Bone loss, which is a result of periodontal disease, is actually a result of your bodies response to the bacteria that cause periodontal disease.

I know, that makes no sense to hear that your own body is causing the bone loss, but research has proven it. You liver produces protiens that go to those pockets to attack the bacteria and in the process, bone Is gingivitis curable yahoo dating does occur.

My dentist is the biggest dental nerd and does research on periodontal disease all the time. He comes back from seminars and teaches me what he learned. Periodontal disease has been linked to heart disease, heart attacks and diabetes. It really does affect your whole body health.

The maintenance that you need to do involved treating the pocketing. You will probably need to have the pockets cleaned out, which is deep cleaning or Root planing and curattage I am a horrible speller, sorry. Sometimes they will use an antibiotic, such as Arestin, that is placed right in those deeper pockets, to try to reduce the depth of the pocket.

You would probably be put on a month Is gingivitis curable yahoo dating from now on, or at least for a couple of years. You will always need to get on track with the recalls or you will sooner or later be going through the deep cleaning again one day. They need to do measurements on your bone levels and pocketing at least 2 times a year to keep ahead of the disease.

There is a new way to regrow bone lost due to periodontal disease. Now, not all people are candidates, but this is the only proven way to regrow bone. It is called a Periolase. It is a laser machine that targets black pigment, which is what the bacteria in those pockets contains. There are just too many details to go into on here, but you might want to check into this machine if you are loosing bone at all. There are only about dentists in the US that own one "Is gingivitis curable yahoo dating" these lasers, because they are very expensive and are reletively new to dentistry.

Obviously we own one, but that is another story. I hope that I have helped you a little. Feel free to IM or email me with any more questions. Dental assistant for 10 yrs. Implant and surgery coordinator. I consider periodontal disease a disease that can only be maintained, not cured. Periodontal therapy has improved a lot in the Is gingivitis curable yahoo dating couple of decades and a lot of surgical and nonsurgical treatment can be done.

Periodontal disease can cause tooth loss and should be brought under control before receiving any other forms of dental therapy crowns, bridges, etc. For the best answers, search on this site https: But you need to see a dental hygienist and get a good deep cleaning, even in mild cases, in order to keep it from getting worse.

When it gets real bad you might need a real aggressive cleaning called root planing, or antibiotics, or sometimes surgery. Periodontal disease is caused when dental plaque the junky stuff that you can't easily brush away between the teeth and down near the roots gets hard. It provides a safe place for bacteria to breed. The constant inflammation from the tartar and bacteria cause the gums to bleed, swell, and eventually to retract, and then the teeth get loose and fall out.

The constant inflammation also may affect the heart and accelerate atherosclerosis the build up of cholesterol in the blood vessels. So better a little bit of discomfort now if you want to keep your teeth healthy. Yes, you can get rid of Periodontal disease, with proper care and treatment. It's there job speciality. Once you start treatment for it, your Periodontist will keep in contact with your regular Dentist, for future references on your case and progress.

It is treatable though, just like any other disease. The 's aren't bad, thats normal. Usually at this stage, you Is gingivitis curable yahoo dating so much bone loss, be prepared You can not get rid of periodontal disease but you can maintain it by seeing your dentist often to have your teeth cleaned and the pockets monitored.

It is something you have to stay on top of because if it is not maintained you can eventually lose your teeth to the disease. The bacteria that causes gum disease actually destroys the "Is gingivitis curable yahoo dating" the surrounds your teeth causing them to become loose and infected.

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I believe they still send out a completely Free Trial kit, only asking that you cover their cost of shipping. I hope I was of some help. Related Questions What is the best way to get rid of periodontal disease? I have periodontal disease, will getting dentures help get rid of this? Answer Questions How to relieve Wisdom tooth pain?

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