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Polyamory married and dating showtime schedule


Season 2 of Polyamory: New to the show are Chris, his wife Leigh Ann and their girlfriend Megan, a threesome living in Hollywood. When Leigh Ann and Chris both fell in love with Megan, Polyamory married and dating showtime schedule suddenly found themselves in a polyamorous relationship. This season takes viewers on an intense emotional journey as we follow two families as they navigate the ins and outs of polyamory.

New to polyamory and juggling busy careers, they are figuring things out as they go.

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Leigh Ann is feeling particularly lonely and worries about her connection with husband Chris. Meanwhile, in San Diego, Tahl comes out as bisexual and is having issues with how many nights his wife Jen is spending at her new lover Jesse's house. In Hollywood, Leigh Ann continues to feel distant from Chris. When Chris tries to mend the relationship, a threesome Polyamory married and dating showtime schedule Megan only pushes them further apart.

In San Diego, Michael is worried that his wife's new lover's monogamy will backfire on her.

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Jen is caught between Tahl and Jesse. Michael asks Kamala and his new lover Rachel for a threesome.

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Jen's monogamous sister Michelle challenges her over Jesse's jealousy. Meanwhile, Chris and Megan confront Leigh Ann when she returns from a business trip. Michael, Kamala and Rachel's threesome results in an unpredictable outcome.

When Tahl and a new lover have a date, he breaks one of Jen's rules. Leigh Ann is kicked out of the house. Megan is on the fence about staying in the relationship at all. Leigh Ann is faced with an ultimatum when her boyfriend arrives and she wants him to meet Chris and Megan. Meanwhile in San Diego, Jesse's jealousy issues come to a head with Jen.

Kamala breaks one of Michael's rules in her new relationship with Jason. Tensions run high in Hollywood when Chris and Megan come face to face with Leigh Ann and her boyfriend.

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Meanwhile, it's date night in San Diego as Tahl prepares for his date with Michael's brother. Jen is in for a surprise on her weekly date with Kamala. Chris and Leigh Ann are apprehensive on their first date alone since she was kicked out of the house.

Meanwhile, will Tahl and Christian take the next step in their relationship when the pod and their lovers have girls and guys nights out? The San Diego pod and their lovers embark on their annual getaway. Meanwhile in Hollywood, Chris, Leigh Ann and Megan finally come face-to-face to discuss the future of their relationship. Kamala and Michael ask Jen and Tahl to live with them; Jen struggles with jealousy; Kamala is hesitant about sharing a girlfriend; Vanessa asks Anthony and Lindsey to marry her; Kamala helps the triad plan their commitment ceremony.

Series Movies Sports Documentaries Comedy. Season 2 Season 2 of Polyamory: Aug 15, Season 2 premiere.

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