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Castle costars dating


When Castle came on the air inall people could talk about was the palpable chemistry between Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion. Since their on-screen connection seems so genuine, fans believe that the couple is together in real life.

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In the interview with CNN, shown above, Katic dishes on Castle costars dating initial reaction to their flirtation on the show. During the Season 4 finale, shown above, Beckett visits Castle during a rainstorm. At the end of last season, it is their wedding day, but Castle is nowhere to be found.

The actors do agree that relationships should be taken slowly, which could be why they play their characters so well. I think Nathan believes in the not-rushing-into-anything concept.

And I do as well. I believe that they really have a great working relationship, and there are still elements of the story that need to be revealed. After vanishing moments before his wedding, Castle is found months later, and has no memory of where he was.

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Watch the interview above, where Katic gets the question of whether or not they are locking lips when the cameras are off. This interview is really outdated.

1. They Had Too Much...

Nathan and Mikaela dated for a while 3 years ago: Nathan is currently very single. And Stana is taken.

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