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Ex started dating another guy


Alright well I'm that girl who moved on after a week of dating someone for 4 years. After my ex I dated another guy for a year and Ex started dating another guy just recently broke up with him. Turns out I wasn't ready to be on my own, I tried so hard to make this new relationship work but my feeling for him were no where near close to the feelings I had for my ex. So I know I upset my ex by moving on so quickly but truth is I think that might of been my coping mechanism.

It might of been a rebound to help me cope with the pain of moving on. I've always had someone by my side and I didn't know how to be alone. I wasn't aware of this at the time Ex started dating another guy I think that is very wrong to do to someone. I definitely know better now and plan to give myself plenty of time before I get involved with another guy. I don't think it's disrespectful to move on quickly because it is over and you no longer have control over each other.

Truth is she might be hurting a lot more than you know. My ex has no idea how I still feel about him and I wish I could tell him but it doesn't matter anymore. You should take your time to really get over her before moving on because she's not doing that and if she's not strong enough then she might try to contact you later once you truly move on. One thing I noticed is that I actually prolonged the process of moving on from my ex because I didn't give myself that time.

Just distract yourself from her, focus Ex started dating another guy your own life and don't worry about how she's coping with the break up. She started dating someone so quickly because she was either cheating already, done with you and looking for anybody to move on with rebound or wants to hurt you.

None of these scenarios bode well for you. Regardless of your feelings, she is telling you that it is over and she wants to move on.

You have to respect "Ex started dating another guy" wishes and honor them. Just walk away grateful for the experience you had with her. If you were a great boyfriend that treated her with kindness and respect she will eventually start to miss you and realize she has made a mistake. Now you have the opportunity to work on getting yourself better. Learn from the mistakes you made in the relationship and use that knowledge to become a better person and boyfriend for the next girl.

Get your self in better mental, physical and financial shape so that it will be impossible for next girlfriend to move on in a week because you are the best guy she can find. It is her loss if you become better. She will always have to live with her decision and knows in her heart that you were the better choice.

If your ex started dating...

She can deny it and make you out to be the bad guy to justify her actions but in her heart she knows the truth. She is the bad guy. Unless you were a jerk and deserved it.

Then there is no sympathy for your plight. You deserve what she is doing. If that is the case, really take what she said in the breakup to heart and change so that this never happens to you again. She has told you everything you need to know to become a better boyfriend. Either way, move on as a better man than than you were when she dumped you and moved on so quickly.

In any of these cases, do NOT try to get her back. She has made her decision. If you bring up your relationship to her you will only annoy her and get hurt, and in the 4th case, you will only boost her fat ego. To do this, minimise all contact with her. Then, to further take your mind off her, concentrate your attention on the other people around you like your friends and your family.

Maybe pick up a new project to work on. Take up a new hobby. Move on, the girl was obviously not that into you. I Ex started dating another guy to be so blunt with my answer but the truth is that this girl has moved on and the worst thing you can do is hold on to a relationship that no longer exists. Depending on your age and the Ex started dating another guy of the relationship a week might be plenty of time.

The reality of the situation is that this girl was most likely already talking to the new person before she broke it off with you, and out of respect for you waited a week to make the new relationship public. Ok so what should you do? Change your perspective on the situation, and most of all forgive your ex gf.

Alright well I'm that girl...

Let her live her life and be grateful for the time you had together, I have allot of ex girlfriends and I am friends with all of them. You have to do the same my friend.

Let this girl go, remember the good times you shared and only talk good about her when people ask. Most of all, stop letting yourself get hung up on the one when there are so many beautiful, fun, exciting women in this world that you are yet to encounter.

I guarantee you, no i promise you, there is someone out here that is a better match for you then your ex gf was. Ex started dating another guy go find her and when you do treat her with the respect and honor a women deserves. Also, if its possible you might want to try and find out why she broke up with you, but do do that shit right now, wait!!! Give it some time but if the opportunity arises ask her why and then listen to what she has to say. Its a great way to learn about your flaws and practice self improvement, we can always improve in our relationship game, all of us, always.

That will never end in you two getting back together. At the end of the day you have to live with you, so figure out who you are. Knowing who you are Identity and why you are here Purpose will take care of most of the problems you face in life especially regarding relationships. Learn to forgive, not only the person who has rejected you but yourself and it will take care of what ever else is keeping you attached to a person who has moved on.

For most people, breaking up with their partner takes some planning. The break up often comes as a shock to the partner on the receiving end and that can sometimes put them several weeks behind in the grieving and moving on process. Your ex dating someone only one week after "Ex started dating another guy" breakup might mean one of two things:. There are other possible scenarios but in my experience, the above two options seem to be the most common.

But, you do have to accept it. You should now spend some time on yourself. Try to pull back any of the energy that you are putting into the Universe about the why, the how, and the what-if.

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