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Pros and cons of dating a fat guy


My personal experience on dating big girls and small women. Benefits of bigger women 1. Most men don't desire them compared to smaller ones: Less superficial on average: Will give better hugs: Keeps you warm in the winter time.

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Benefits of smaller women? You will get more compliments from your male friends, but they probably will wanna sleep with her as well: Looks better in her clothes: I think bigger women have much better benefits but I still prefer smaller women, I prefer for my woman.

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This is only from my personal experience with dealing with these kinds of people. This is not a generalization about every woman. In my early yes I have dated cute bigger women. I think in our society bigger people get more BS, this is 1 for the big people. What about you all? No gender bias see a I want to hear from all.

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Bigger women in the past I've been with was not more than pounds overweight. Back when I was and overweight myself. Last edited by Sweet Daddy; at Come one, at least give it a few days before making up more crap. Thank you for the brilliant insight.

By the way, when is your erotic novel coming out? I wouldn't really call someone thats 15pounds overweight a bigger woman.

Your objectification of women is somewhat disturbing. It's as though you're browsing a shopping aisle, choosing your favourite brand of cereal, listing the pros and cons of each.

Let's see what kind of...

There's also several instances of 'correlation doesn't imply causation', for example: Just what the hell is this? You just had an essentially identical thread although with an oppositely-biased OP ; there's no need for another.

There's also absolutely no need to make sweeping generalizations over groups of people, no matter what criteria you use to segregate that group.

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All times are GMT. The time now is Being fat is bad for you, while slimmer people are happier and healthier. Everyone. Fat has its uses, but overall the cons outweigh the pros.

What is it about fat girls that puts guys off dating them?. differance and thing you cant do/ pros and cons of dating a fat and non fat girl, and fat. Let's see what kind of pros and cons there are in dating a younger guy.

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