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Kai and taemin dating sulli


By LavelyShaiApril 30, in shippers' paradise. Yes it is presumed it that way. But I was just asking just in case it's a couple bracelet who knows. From what I have heard NE wears it even this year. February 5, she was seen wearing it still someone posted it pages back.

Na Eun did it again. That mouth gesture of hers. Now I can say she really has that gesture if she's in a pressured state or is nervous or has an uneasy feeling.

I loved how TM can't raised his head. An indicator Kai and taemin dating sulli was nervous. He couldn't even look at his left. He was wishing she might come but I "Kai and taemin dating sulli" He knows how fans reacted with their WGM. The aftermath of their WGM really affected everyone. I even think if everything didn't happen I believe NE will be invited over to that Wedding.

It would be crazy if sometime this year we can see NE having the same small bead bracelet identical to TM's. Naeun really treasures her rosary bracelet, so much it become one of her treasured items along with her rings.

There are so many comments of peoples theories that Taemin was the one who gave it to her, even on her IG. In the past Naeun has said when someone gave her a bracelet, like Chorong who gave her the black one.

Obviously she's not going to say outright Taemin gave it to her, but if she wanted to dispel those rumours she could just say a member or her family gave it to her. I even remember the day it was discovered on this forum whilst I was lurking. Maybe they got together inwhen Taemin was originally wearing it throughout his promotion.

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Then a year later in he gave it to her as a gift since they'd been together for a year? All I know that to give someone your rosary bracelet means a big thing.

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She never talked about where she got the bracelet from? And does anybody really know the real score between them? Some people must have known the truth. The Hyungs know more than that since we all know Tae Min is very vocal with everything.

Someone earlier in the thread mentioned how Minho is really "Kai and taemin dating sulli" towards Naeun, I agree. He's always super respectful towards her and she to him.

I found his chemistry with her onscreen to be forced. Visually they look great but they look SO awkward, poor things lol! Their friends, members, soonbae, hoobae everyone at SM work together and help covering each other to protect anyone who is in relationship.

SMTOWN is one of example famous event that fans can found proof of who is with who "in relationship". Have you watch drama "To the beautiful you" in the main character played by Minho and Sulli.

But in the Kai and taemin dating sulli played by Minho and Naeun their relationship problem seems light and the skinship is minimum. Kai and taemin dating sulli are thinking that among the rosary rings she's been wearing around - correct me if I'm wrong is a couple ring of course with Tae Min. I think that both are intentionally wearing many rings so fans can't read it one by one.

I wouldn't be surprised if one day there will surface a video explaining in details how one or two of the rings are too identical with the other TaEun. Yes, I believe in it too but u know my mind won't easily leave the thought that it is a couple thing. They've been so secretive all this time who knows what's going to happen next.

They've come this far so anything is possible with them. I agree again with that This is only my opinion so please bear with me: During their WGM, they for real liked each other. You can see how much passion present in their eyes. It naturally sparkled when they make eye to eye contact. Watch and re-watch Episode 14 first hug closely.


See how Tae Min looked so nervous before hugging her. He felt hot how can he? Fidgety, he can't even utter those words directly. Na Eun waited and gave off a blank expression also trying to control herself, she doesn't want to assume.

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His throat was dry, he had many alibis before telling her and before doing what he wanted and wished for. And also observe when they were closer to each other they were just in their own world inserts heart clouds, inserts flying hearts here.

The Panelists even said that their TaEun hearts are going Kai and taemin dating sulli explode eyes with so much passion looking at each other. Note that NE gave TM two photos of her morning and night messages. The Panelists in the studio were all laughing and giggling about it they all felt the electrifying feelings from TaEunone even said, was that Danny?

He said he wanted to be given such things also.

TM's cheekbones just reached the blue sky again and again. Mi Sun said she needs to take her medication because of these two cute couple. This situation was more than enough u can tell that they fell for the other in WGM. And Son Na Eun is an awkward type most often and seeing her react that way was telling us she really liked him.

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