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Monosexual privilege definition


This is just one example of how shit hits the proverbial fan whenever a non-monosexual person—whether that person is bisexual, pansexual, polysexual, etc. Monosexual privilege does NOT mean gays and lesbians are the bad guys. As Shiri Eisner writes in Bi: Notes for a Bisexual Monosexual privilege definition. Gay and lesbian communities may well be collaborators in the oppression of bisexual people; however, both groups do not carry equal weight in the oppression of bisexuals.

Rather, the overwhelming majority of oppression against bisexual people is performed by heterosexual power structures. When you live in a world full of power structures of oppression, you will internalize a lot of it. We all live in a constant state of unlearning bad ideas. So what is monosexual privilege? Eisner wrote a Monosexual Privilege Checklist a few years ago Monosexual privilege definition co-opted by Everyday Feminism that explains how non-monosexuals face erasure, oppression, and even violence.

Monosexual privilege means no one will question the validity of your sexuality. Monosexual privilege means you will always find positive media representations of you. There are still more straight love stories in the media than queer love stories, "Monosexual privilege definition" the queer love stories that usually are represented in Monosexual privilege definition media center around gay couples.

Monosexual privilege means, if you are cisgender and gay, you are less likely to suffer from serious health issues. Monosexual privilege means, if you are cisgender and gay, you are less likely to attempt suicide than bisexuals.

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