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Kaktus mega dating


Japanese growers of sought-after Haworthia plants have been warned to take measures to protect their prized specimens after the Kaktus mega dating of two Chinese nationals over the theft of hundreds of the collectible succulent plants. The two men, who have not been identified, were arrested in separate incidents Kaktus mega dating April and July of this year, but Dr Masahiko Hayashi, president of the Haworthia Society of Japan, said thefts have been going on for a year.

Native to South Africa, the cactus-like plants are popular for their unique shapes, with the most valuable the result of generations of breeding to create the perfect plant.

In one case at a property close to Tokyo, 1, plants were taken in one night. In another incident, security cameras caught a man uprooting Haworthia plants by the dozen and taking them away. National broadcaster NHK interviewed a horticulturalist whose collection was decimated in January and who claimed that he was visited by a Chinese woman shortly before the theft.